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PLO cash strategy



  • PhilAny2_QPhilAny2_Q Member Posts: 16
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    In Response to Re: PLO cash strategy:
    I like to dip my toe in the PLO cash water every now and again, albeit a) I can only really play the micro levels, which frustratingly don't run that often and b) it can really hurt my head when trying to multi-table with a handful of NLHE tables... From having read basic articles I think my starting hand selection is reasonable, but I suppose my two queries are: How does/should 3-betting pre compare to NLHE?  Should I be more frequently calling in position (to an early position raise) and drastically drop the amount I 3b from the blinds? Post-flop how does bluffing compare to NLHE - should we be bluffing much less, are there different flop textures to NLHE that make it worth considering?  I assume that any bluffs should be way more bias towards semi-bluffs on flop and turn as we're getting way more calls than at NLHE? I'm very aware that I am way too fit-or-fold when I play the game... probably fine for micro levels... but never going to be enough to play at higher stakes.
    Posted by shakinaces

    some very good questions for discussion here.
    firstly the amount you should be 3 betting in my opinion depends on the others players at the table, theres lots of things to consider 
    -how tight or loose the other players at the table are
    -how often are they going to fold to c-bets 
    -how light they are going to stack off with little equity in 3 bet pots 
    -position and how many callers you are going to get 
    -if you think you are going to get more than 1 caller does your hand flop well in multi way pots?

    Its important to balance your 3 bet range bacuse tight players that only 3bet AAxx are very easy to play against as they expose their hand alot, so making sure you 3bet different hands will keep your opponents guessing as sometimes you will win the pot with air because they think you will have aces, i know this is basic startegy but it works. say you 3bet with 910jq and the flop comes a72 there isd a good chance you will take the pot down on the flop with a cbet repping aces, and a turn barell will definatley get someone to fold Axxx that was floating the flop for 2 pair. i dont think there is a right or wrong answer tro how often you should be 3betting, i think it depends entirely on the game and players at the table and the stakes (there seems to be less 3betting at lower stakes from what ive seen).
    Also a player that only 3bets aces will automatically assume that you have aces when you 3bet so you can use this to your advantage as well. 

    Like holdem plo is alot easier to play from position, and you shouldnt be afraid of the utg raise as much because players are opening alot wider in plo than in holdem. If your new to the game then try and play as manty hands inposition as you an until you feel comfortable playing post flop and putting your opponents on hands. 

    Blufffing is a tricky point, because like you said there is alot more semi bluffing then out and out bluffing, the decision as to whether you should bluff rivers ultimately comes down to your opponent. knowing how light your opponent will call is the biggest factor. It becomes alot easier with experience of playing to put your opponents of definite hands, and when you can read the game well it makes your decision to bluff alot easier. Another thing that took me ages to stop doing was that when you bluff the river does it make sense to the other player what you are trying to rep, i would try and get my opponents to fold on the river where it just didt make any sense for me to have a hand that i would be value betting. Most river bluffs occur when you have built a pot with draws that havent made it and this is where hand reading is important because you have to decide whether they have a value hand or a worse drawing hand that didnt get there, but also how many 2 pair bottom sets are they folding when you triple barrell a board repping top or second set.
    If a hand goes to the river and im 50/50 as to whether i should bluff a missed drawing hand  i think its better to bluff and get called every now and again then a hand go check check on the river and they turn over a busted drawing hand as well but with 3rd pair, one of my pet hates. you would be suprised how many pots get won in that fashion where both players give up on the river assuming trhe other player has it. 

    I hope this helps a little bit.

  • pokercade1pokercade1 Member Posts: 2
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    Quick point to PHilany2q if you are trying to get new players to the site how about stop wishing they get ebola when they beat you little bit childish methinks.
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