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  • rspca12rspca12 Member Posts: 616
    Found this vid on neil betting site betting emporium . gd vid worth a watch. v interesting
  • mumsiemumsie Member Posts: 6,878
    Very entertaining.
  • misterpjmisterpj Member Posts: 3,084
    Charles, ask me anything, and I mean anything, cira 1980 on ( I was 15) Cherry Hogs ( dogs) specifically, Hackney Wick, especially Saturday bags, Catford, ties in nicely with Hackney Wick, Harringay, Wembley ( total legend, I mean legend, main ring Bookmaker John The Viking Power) Catford, Hackney, Wembley Wimbledon, jeez, best memories, and, so so much more, i. e, all over the country, Lumping Scoulouge, was at, if memory serves me right, think? Hall Green, or Oxford, night the Champ, was going for 21 straight, nearly a riot,.. Scourlogue Champ, best marathon dog, you will ever ever see, p. p. s, trained K. PECKHAM (unnatatched) that night, even saw the dog, debut, Catford, Open, the night, Champs record run ended, officially went lame, first bend, no Champ didn't, fact, find video footage, of race, slow it, enhance it, enlarge it, and watch, the chunk of rock, that? some piece of unknown garbage, hurls on the track, going into the first bend,

    That, is not, in Any Known Book. A mere, scratch, of the surface, of the untold story, mate, I got the lot, Findlay, Veitch, dogs, horses, why here, tipping line anecdotes, that would make you wince, cry, smile,..

    Aggro, a very smart operator, shrewd, knowledgeable, he might? remember my old buddy, and before you mock, maybe, Google your friend, TOFFEE..Tawfig Al Ali,.. Who He? multiple horses, huge number open class dogs, at Wimbledon, Derby Night, when, his, Signal Spark, won on the jamm stick, short head,The Derby toffee, could play, snooker ( ask Jimmy White) toffee, was, the Lizard, of the 1980s, Tony Bloom,

    Biggest ante post bets of my life, landed, ante post, Lartigue Note, Ger Mckenna 50's all rates down, smashed out in the final, away and gone, and Allen Gift (Hove) 150-1 all rates down, still 20-1 on final night, went round, first time all comp, strong strong dog, Aye Aye.

    More? not, in any book, anywhere, or Google,

    Seaman's Star, Utter lunatic dog, but with Derby class (Tim's Crow pace), graded, Graded!!, Catford 385,always slow as a slug, to the first bend, Aeroplane back straight pace, but, Lunatic, as in, fought every dog, hence, warned off, means, can't race, on flat, also, the dog, could not trap, to save its life, gave up five lengths, every time, which in hindsight, good thing, owned, by a fella (face) , R. I. P my mate Steve Glazier, what to do,? plan, a monumental coup, how, send this dog hurdling, in the Halcyon days, the London and provincial tracks, jam packed, warned off flat dogs, could go hurdling, "private trials" those who might know? only one place, that happened, SarfLanda edges, Kent border!

    Seaman's Star.. I love you, had it off, left right, centre, culmination, Bolts Up Grand National, Hall Green, 50s,33s,25s, all rates ante post,

    I got, a Gazillion more of these, Horse, Dogs, Tipping Lines, bugged judges boxes, at gaff tracks, I kid you not, why? time delay, on photo finishes, laggy!! exchange, post Flutter Days (flutter, was, the origenal Xchange. 😋

    Charlie Boy,
    some, made the fatal mistake, judging, book by cover. (class poker players, do that 👍)

    I adore, Private Pike Nozzer, now, think he might, have, bit a indegestion, early doors, 2moz!

    If, the story, don't get told, it go, to grave with me, you ghost write it

    Aven~Gents. my, non plagurised, title, Rights Reserved

    Paul. J. X X

  • NChanningNChanning Member Posts: 787
    Cheers guys...good website that Betting Emporium, glad you liked it. Cheers also to PJ. I reckon you're average book must be about 300 pages. If you used actual sentences you'll probably soon get there.
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