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Micro Masters League 2022: Weekly Low Stakes MTT Leaderboard

NOSTRINOSTRI Member Posts: 1,459
edited January 2022 in Competition Corner
Good morning! The wait is over: the Micro Masters League is back and will start on Monday.

Here's a quick explainer for those who missed the first run:

The MML is a weekly points-based leaderboard that will award tournament tickets to the top four finishers each week. Points are awarded based on your finishing position in qualifying micro and low stakes tournaments that run through the week.
  • First place wins a ticket to a £33 or £22 Main Event tournament
  • Second place wins a ticket to an £11 Mini Major tournament on Sunday
  • Third and fourth place win a ticket to a £5.50 Mini Main Event

Qualifying Tournaments

  • 17:15 £1.10 Rebuy
  • 17:30 £5.50 Bounty Hunter
  • 18:05 £2.20 Bounty Hunter
  • 18:30 £5.50 Bounty Hunter
  • 19:05 £0.55 Nightly Micro
  • 19:15 £2.20 Deep Stack (except Mondays)
  • 19:30 £5.50 Bounty Hunter
  • 20:00 £2.20 Bounty Hunter
  • 20:25 £5.50 Mega Stack (Friday & Saturday)
  • 20:30 £5.50 Mini (Except Friday & Sunday)
  • 20:45 £5.50 Bounty Hunter (Sundays only)
  • 21:00 £5.50 Freezeout (except Mondays)
  • 21:15 £2.20 Deep Stack
  • 21:45 £2.20 Bounty Hunter
  • 22:15 £5.50 Bounty Hunter
  • 23:00 £3.30 Turbo Bounty Hunter

Scoring System

Points will be awarded for finishing in the top 20% of the field in any MTT and calculated according to this formula:


Where k = finishing position and n = number of players in the tournament

This was discussed in more detail here. The exact formula is still subject to change but we'll see how this works out for now.

Small Print

  • You must state your interest in this thread to be included in the leaderboard
  • Points will not be awarded retroactively, only from the day you join
  • If you win, you can choose which day's main or mini you would like to play
  • Prizes are given by @Tikay10, not me, so speak to him if you win
  • Ties will be settled by most wins, then most FTs, then least tournaments played, and if that still doesn't settle it we'll have a little cry and just pull a name out of a hat
Thanks, once again, to @Tikay10 for generously providing some nice prizes for this.



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