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Would you split 1st and 2nd Prize money if you had the option?



  • DoublemeDoubleme Member Posts: 901
    I really think it depends on the situation I would try to get the best decision for what my expectation is. I would consider the chip stacks and what edge I believed myself or my opponent to have. If I then thought I was getting a good deal eg more then what I would estimate I could expect in the long run if this scenario were run multiple times then I deal. if not then I dont.
  • The_Don90The_Don90 Member Posts: 9,751
    This is an option ive used alot in live tournaments not even just heads up but on final table, time of night, varience etc is a factor. Its down to each individual and what they want to do. I think the best example of this and this is going back a few years mind was the SPT 6 max in nottingham, I played the turbo sidey thing and at 3am we agreed a deal 5/6 handed. Such was my chip lead by ICM i got about £20 off what first place was, given varience why wouldn't I accept. I had to be up at 9am to check out and get the train and the most I could gain was £20.

    If the option is there and people are interested I honestly dont see why not, People will have their reasons for accepting and or declining after that.
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