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A Photo (exclusive) rng Machine

In Action, last nano second, deep, Pre ' Comfort Break'
Fav pre, likkle bit O pocket AQ
Fav flop
Go 9's on pon Jolly Ole turn
For the uninitiated, bit O ole 91% hand equity..
Get 2 bean cans ( empty,run length O twine, betwixt between,pref on dat LONGWAVE analogue)
10_4 10_4 do you copy.?
Doc & Marty.... 👏👏👏😉😉😉😜😜😜😂😂😂👍👍👍


  • goldongoldon Member Posts: 5,711
    Bo the Milking Machine has always been there working it's heart out.

    Double cream for some Sterilized for others.

  • misterpjmisterpj Member Posts: 2,037
    Well Well Well
    King Billy 'follower' / 'stalker'
    Back Handed Compliment, always & ever..
    Won't, pull up the Gosden Hoss, advised 5 weeks prior, at 9/2 4/1,that got an instantaneous 'mocking' then Proceded to win Half The Track.!
    Might mention, the NATIONAL LEAGUE SOUTH it stands, Nov 2021...

    Any Idea? WHO scribed in June.... and specifically pointed out...
    To the revered Multi I. D... Detective.. 'how you spell? Ccc ont unStable

    And some sage advice, proffered June 2021

  • goldongoldon Member Posts: 5,711
    Keeping you alive when others wish your demise .......
  • goldongoldon Member Posts: 5,711
    Ordered Titanium rust free bolt to keep your Head on, next bad beat. cough!

  • goldongoldon Member Posts: 5,711
    There that didn't hurt did it.

  • misterpjmisterpj Member Posts: 2,037


  • misterpjmisterpj Member Posts: 2,037
    Is a very very Special Fella
    Generous, kind, considerate...
    Family, rightly, very proud
    Trains Like An Animal
    Is... PURE CLEAN
    Like his Dad, GRANITE / KEVLAR chin
    Never EVER been down or Rocked
    Bottle (minerals) In CHUNKS...
    Don't Follow Any Crowd...
    Maybe, why I know, the FELLA is World Class
    Got MILLIONS liquid in the Bank
    Stunning 'Gaff' Hill Drive Hove
    Nice Motor or two Inc McLaren 720s Mansoray
    Poker, Pool, nice Garments & my kinda music
    Class Fella, P. S (cough) trained, by a hot off an ICON
    Mr Roy Jones Junior..
    blink Williams outta dat Ingle Chemist's of a gym...

  • misterpjmisterpj Member Posts: 2,037
    108 runner £5.50 BH
    8 left ( stack phenom) v v selective! Annual mtt Average (lol)


  • misterpjmisterpj Member Posts: 2,037
    'the Prolific Phenom Yossi'
    suddenly fancied the 04.30 £5.50 bh


  • misterpjmisterpj Member Posts: 2,037
    went v well 😉

    Liams the Don though
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