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Who won what, Sunday 27th November. A Major wineli win

Tikay10Tikay10 Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 135,422

Very decent traffic considering there was an attractive World Cup match on.

Starting with the Major, @wineli emerged as the winner. Not sure he's ever won the Major before, but I do recall him running deep for over £2,000 in an Online SPT last year. At the Manchester SPT last week he made Day 2 with two micro stacks (surrendering the smaller, obv), & returned for Day 2, but was soon on his way home. An immensely likeable & cool character. Great few days for @mnolan8317 who won Friday's BWBH for ~£1,600, & was 3rd here for another £1,100+.

@Natnug won the Mini, & was 2nd in Quickdraw, having won it two nights earlier.

The talented @fishhhhh (Sharky rating 94) only tends to show up on Sundays, & it worked well as he won the £5k BH.

The opening £1k BH was taken by @heedgehog who I recall doing OK in an SPT at Newcastle 10 or 12 years ago. Heard or seen very little of him since though, maybe he's been hibernating.

@Cammykaze won the Turbo 10 days ago for his best result of the year, & followed up last night by taking 7 @ 7. Very pleased for him, he's had a challenging year, & sadly we don't see him on the Forum much these days.

I'm not too familiar with @XgudiS and he's been mostly AWOL for best part of a year except for a few games earlier this month. Played last night for the first time in a fortnight & triumphed in Mega, then followed up with 3rd in Turbo & 2nd in MidEx.

@Jscorgie seems to average a win a night at the moment, & I won't bore you again by listing his wins this month, but he added Sheriff last night and was 5th in the Major. What a heater.

Sky Poker veteran @lolufold took Quickdraw, & was 2nd in the £5k BH for decent money.

Crushy @loololollo took Reload, was 4th in Quickdraw, & won himself a Sunday Major seat in a satellite.

The Turbo was won by @seikus, just 48 hours after binking Friday's Avenger Main.

In the PL08 it was @Raptor555 who swooped to take top spot.


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