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Busto again, to The Final Reckoning. The final challenge.



  • coo1-umcoo1-um Member Posts: 2,924
    Still on a downward spiral.
    Introducing challenge 10

    An £11 buy in for all 3 formats.

    Details to follow. About to jump into the new plo8 game.

    The thread is not called Busto again for nothing.
  • coo1-umcoo1-um Member Posts: 2,924
    Bad play after bad play followed by bad bet after bad bet, has left the balance in freefall.

    However still just about enough to play, and have a dabble on tonight's games.

    oh and then they is another challenge 3 update. 6 games this time.

  • coo1-umcoo1-um Member Posts: 2,924
    Working on the update. Half the spread sheet is right but the other is a little off so I need to figure that out.

    So many of these challenges / diaries die with bad results leading to a lack of interest in updating negative figures but as Eric Idol once said.

    My reasoning behind these posts is twofold.
    1. To show you can still play the games you want without having to deposit.
    2. For my own accountability to myself.

    Balance as of last night was £19.95 a tenner won in the rewards freeroll helped double was was the previous figure.

    2 errors from my point of view.
    • Not withdrawing when I had the chance, as I was always going to end up back here at some point. That withdrawal would not have been re-deposited. As a rule over £200 at least 75% should have been withdrawn. But that ship has sailed.
    • Not posting daily reports. These will be returning from today.
    On a positive note. Nice to be reminded of previous glories in @Tikay10 daily update ‘a year ago today’

    "Readers of the entertaining "coo1-um £0.00 Challenge" will have seen yesterday Mr Um @coo1-um noting that he's racked up 60 All-In Sats without a single win, but he ended on an optimistic note by writing "Guess the luck has to change there sometime...". And how right he was, he won an All_In Sat to last night's Main, and then.... won the Main for £1,164. Very pleased for him, though it sorts of ruins the Diary. So selfish. Excellent effort by runner-up @aj880 too, been here 9 years & his best two results have both been in the last few weeks, 3rd in a stack Builder for £900, & now 2nd in a Main for £550.

  • coo1-umcoo1-um Member Posts: 2,924
    Was about to knock the betting into touch for a while. Then this happens.

    They get you at every turn.
  • coo1-umcoo1-um Member Posts: 2,924
    A winning day is a winning day.

  • coo1-umcoo1-um Member Posts: 2,924
    I Should try and play more sats.

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