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Busto again, to The Final Reckoning. The final challenge.

coo1-umcoo1-um Member Posts: 2,924
edited January 10 in Poker Chat
How many times can you go bust chasing the big one.
I reckon it’s been at least 40 times this year. (Starting from £0 each time of course)

Often it does not get beyond £1, but it makes the wins far more rewarding.

Main weekly objective is the rewards freeroll which I have reached every week. So those games are already bagged.

Try it now. Decent win, withdraw 90% and try again.

On with day 1, 1st points freeroll start in 30 seconds.



  • Tikay10Tikay10 Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 159,610

    oioi, welcome back, & no matter what happens, I know you'll have fun with this.

    Subscribed, as the kool kids say.
  • coo1-umcoo1-um Member Posts: 2,924
    2 points games in and 1 min cash.

    Can’t do much with 27pence, so here goes.

  • coo1-umcoo1-um Member Posts: 2,924
    23/23 after the break in the PLO points freeroll and less than 1.5 bb, finished 13th for a massive 41p. A wasted £0.28 game later. And the remains are put on a sending off in the Newcastle v arsenal game @11/4.
  • Tikay10Tikay10 Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 159,610


    Every chance of a second-half red, 4 Yellows in first half & tempers are heated.
  • coo1-umcoo1-um Member Posts: 2,924
    edited November 2023
    Day 1 finished on £0
    Day 2 day off

    Day 3 another min points freeroll cash and 10p in the sky vegas daily free spin and back up to £0.35. Need to start getting points in for next week rewards games. Critical to get a few early wins, obviously.
  • coo1-umcoo1-um Member Posts: 2,924
    Let’s have an update.

    Day 3. Ended with 7wins 3losses in the 28p turbo Balance £1.05
    Day 4. Running well in the rewards game before pushing when I should not have finishing 6 short of a min cash, which at the time could have doubled the bankroll. 28p turbo 4win 3 loss. Balance £1.09
    Day 5. 9 wins from 13 games. Balance £1.95

    Heading in the right direction, most importantly 60% of the way to next weeks rewards games.

    Not played any points games since Day 3, don’t have the time for them and they are a needs must option only. Not even sure how many I have played all year would like to know, along with % of cashes. Oh I could check my history…Arghhh maybe not.
  • mumsiemumsie Member Posts: 7,316
    Yea, tragic not having the history.
  • coo1-umcoo1-um Member Posts: 2,924
    Day 6. 5 wins from 13 takes us on a downward trajectory. Balance £0.81
    Day 7. 6 games 100% win rate. Another deep run in the rewards AA no good though. Balance £2.13

    49 points so far this week so next weeks rewards games are in the bag.

    Time to open up a little.

  • coo1-umcoo1-um Member Posts: 2,924
    Day 8. 45 28p turbo games 23 wins beat the game but not the rake. Balance £1.03

    Day 9. 6 points needed for 100 in the week and an added token tomorrow. 5no 28p games 3 losses brings the balance to 63p.
    With 1 point needed the £0.55 nighty micro is next up. Due a break in tournaments. Balance £0.08 (+ a hopeful cash)
  • coo1-umcoo1-um Member Posts: 2,924
    In retrospect it would have been a better idea to save enough for at least 1 buy in to start the week.
    Mondays may be points freeroll game days. Have well over 10k entries into these. So not too concerned.
  • coo1-umcoo1-um Member Posts: 2,924
    edited November 2023
    Should I have just stuck on 50 pts. Probably.
    £2.20 DYM with token. 4th place brings us 2pts closer to this weeks point target. 48 to go.
    £0.08 in the bank, only one thing to do..
  • coo1-umcoo1-um Member Posts: 2,924
    Back in the game.

  • coo1-umcoo1-um Member Posts: 2,924
    edited November 2023
    1win and a loss later….. 22p I remember the days when you could get something for that.

    Current balance 58p
  • coo1-umcoo1-um Member Posts: 2,924
    Day 10 ends with another 2 losses. 6 points on the board and money in the account.
    💵 💰 Balance £0.02
  • coo1-umcoo1-um Member Posts: 2,924
    33p in the points freeroll was followed by an inevitable 28p DYM loss. So up to 7p


  • coo1-umcoo1-um Member Posts: 2,924
    Just because I can.

    Not played much PLO8 recently so will probably throw in the £1.10 game with some DYMs for points
  • coo1-umcoo1-um Member Posts: 2,924
    Day 11. As above. No return on the bet nor the £1.10 plo8. 2 DYM wins from 3. Balance £3.80

    Day 12. £1 in the freeroll reinvested in the football.

  • coo1-umcoo1-um Member Posts: 2,924
    ^^^^ the 2 above cancelled each other out.
    5 DYMs brought just the one win and add in a £1.10 PLO8 loss. at least with more than 28p I do not have the endure the points freeroll games which I have zero time for. (Unless I am forced of course)

    Just 17 points earned so far this week, so need to edge closer to 50 over the next couple of days.
    Balance £1.85
  • coo1-umcoo1-um Member Posts: 2,924
    Day 13. Another Rewards almost cash. 7 DYMs 4 wins 4p profit.
    Balance £1.89

    Manchester satellites start on Day 14, need to try and work in some micro entries for this. 24 weekly points.
  • Spike4000Spike4000 Member Posts: 277
    could be worth backing england -4 handicap tonight vs malta... currently is 13/10 and judging how we put 7 past north macedonia could defo see a fair few go in tonight @coo1-um
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