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3rd Challenge's the Charm - Road to 200NL



  • loosecamelloosecamel Member Posts: 110
    LARSON7 said:

    Well done on moving up the stakes so quickly.

    Gl with the tournaments - all you have to do is be the last player standing :)

    Thanks for the input Larson - and if only it were that easy :p

    Week 3 done:

    On the face of it a decent week, but I have had far too many unbelievably tilting sessions. Talked to a few of the cash regs and asked what their worst downswings were and what a standard downswing is. Answers varied from 20-30 to up to 54 which I'll admit scared the f**k out of me. I get tilted after losing 5 buy ins, I have no idea what kind of havoc a 54 buyin swing would bring me lol. But, with that in mind, I need to just buck up and stop being a little princess when it comes to losing a few buy ins and keep a level head.

    The good news is I have actually breached my 20 buy-in goal and am currently dancing around it now - currently sitting at 19.5. I reached 21 bi last weekend but decided I'm going to push the threshold up to 25 bi. I don't really know why, just feel I have some unfinished business at 20nl.

    - Run 10 Equilab calcs [0/7]
    - Go through and review top 5 winning and top 5 losing pots after every session [1/7]

    Been lazy with hand reviews, ergh, will do that more next week. Been doing a lot of tourny stuff with UKOPS round the corner. Taking today off bar the freeroll to try and have a more clear head for the start of the series.


  • loosecamelloosecamel Member Posts: 110
    Idk, clicking buttons

    And more button mashing.. Sometimes lucky lol

    Super sus, can't fold tho


    The ol' double x/r

    Aaaaand an oopsie, shouldn't be re-raising river

    Idk if b/b/b is better or c/r turn, I think I like this

    GL in UKOPS

  • loosecamelloosecamel Member Posts: 110
    Another week down, another update;

    Topsy-turvy week but a good one all round. Been spending half my volume at 50nl now but still playing 20/30nl too. UKOPS has been a massive spanking so I haven't wanted to drop the 20nl games quite yet as I quite frankly need the BR boost.

    50nl is considerably harder with significantly more aggressive and all round better regs than 20/30nl. But it is very fun sitting at tables with a sea of red tags :D I still feel fairly comfortable at 50nl although I want to do a bit more work on 3b'ing and 3b calling ranges from various positions as often I am going a bit off-piste and winging many spots. Hasn't ended too badly. It's pretty fortunate that in my first couple sessions at 50nl I absolutely sunrunned which helped as the tables were particularly hard those sessions. Last couple late night sessions I haven't quite run as well, but the tables were considerably better. It's funny how that works sometimes..

    Harder to calculate exactly how many buy-ins I am up as I have been mixing 20/30/50nl tables, so my original benchmarks for moving up may as well be out the window and moving up will be about confidence levels and BR. Having said that, to my rough calcs I am currently sitting 41 BI up. May the upswing continue.

    - Run 10 Equilab calcs [0/7]
    - Go through and review top 5 winning and top 5 losing pots after every session [0/7]

    Super lazy re studying, have only been working on tournament stuff, although that seemingly hasn't helped as I've seen 0 success in UKOPS. Definitely starting to feel worn down after the series but will push on and looking forward to next week where I can have a break.

    As per, hands to follow


  • loosecamelloosecamel Member Posts: 110
    is not for value lol

    big brain moves, or small brain, idk..but i got a big heart



    Thought this was an interesting spot, vs decent reg, probably have to call one, apparently they had 910hh (??) veeeeery interesting

    I don't always turn JJ into a bluff, but when I do it's when villain is super capped and I am not..vs v good reg

    vs the same v good reg.. a very rare limped pot bvb lol pretty fortunate result

    Tune in to next week of Camel button bashing and trying not to go broke


  • loosecamelloosecamel Member Posts: 110
    It's been nearly a month so thought it was time to give this an update. Pretty tough month all round, ukops and mini ukops were on the whole a car crash and at the same time I was running and playing bad on the cash streets.

    Graph so far:

    Had a pretty defeatist attitude between session 55-70 so I'm not particularly surprised by the results. A lot of those sessions were at 50nl so that dip is more exaggerated in the profit graph compared to the buy-in graph. I took a break from cash for about a week between 70-80 when it was mini-ukops with profit differences being the occasional late night spin up or inaccuracies from tournament results inputted into my spreadsheet.

    Since mini-ukops I've returned to the safety of 20 and 30nl where things have been looking up recently. I may or may not have punted a stack at £5/£10bb spins last night so I put myself on the naughty step today for that - badcamel.

    Studying has been so-so, have done more 3b range work and feel more confident with various positions in those spots and have started using a randomiser sometimes when I can be bothered, although it's probably not particularly needed and often I ignore it and 3b a spot anyway even if I roll differently 'cus yolo. Still want to study more postflop situations but finding it hard to find material on it without going into the realms of solvers, which for the time being seem a bit much for the stakes I'm currently playing.

    No idea when I'm going to venture up to 50nl again, but for the time being I'll arbitrarily say when I've won 100 buy-ins. I took out a large portion of my roll for next few months life expenses so don't exactly have the roll to properly grind 50nl quite yet.

    Well done for reading this far and good luck at the tables - as usual some hands from the last month.


  • loosecamelloosecamel Member Posts: 110
    thank you

    No idea if this is a good triple barrel, do I barrel AK/AQ here? Probably not. Do I have flushes? I guess so, Kd is nice to have

    I like bluffing w. KQo apparantly

    Felt like a draw, i was right...this time..


    Probably not great turning TP into a bluff but if it works it works

    Sometimes get caught :blush:

    vs. a very, very drunken duesenberg....

    Might start doing biggest pot won and lost too to cap off the library of hands i'll spam, so heres this month's biggest lost (apart from the 5/10 spins punt last night...) puke

    Biggest win, #sometimeslucky

    ...and one more bonus hand lol

    Hopefully these hands are fun to read rather than a bore but there ya have it

    Tune in for the next episode of, in Tikay's words, a two-toed something ungulate clicking buttons


  • RemainerRemainer Member Posts: 23
    All the best with the challenge. A nice guy at the tables who is working hard at his game. You deserve success.*

    (* not at my expense).
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