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Who won what, Wednesday 28th October. Guitar Bloke & Myna take the Main & Mini



  • PKRParPKRPar Member Posts: 1,396
    Very well played dues! And myna!! Get back on the twitch streams Myna!!
  • MynaFrettMynaFrett Member Posts: 695
    I still watch the VODs but have banned myself from Twitch and Youtube during sessions - partly due to increased table counts in recent weeks - but I might reduce the tables or not play at all so I can join some of the streams live...

    Whether I catch any of them live or not, I hope you all have fun streams and profitable series.
  • BrayCorp83BrayCorp83 Member Posts: 15
    TVSpice said:

    waller02 said:

    Well played @Duesenberg and @MynaFrett

    Also congratulations to @TVSpice and best of luck in the biggie.

    Thanks @waller02, I’m looking forward to it! Thank you too @Tikay10. I thoroughly enjoyed both tournaments. They were different in the approach by all involved and I continue to learn from playing with any members of Team Serious. The stand out lesson is they are both patient and relentless. It is impossible not to admire players like @chicknMelt and @BrayCorp83 et al

    And yes, if there was a way of @NOSTRI helping you to restart the MML, I’m sure I won’t be the only one putting my name down to play it again.
    Thanks @TVSpice & @tikay1 - well done on qualifying and look forward to seeing you on my table again soon. Well played.
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