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Who won what, Friday 18th March. This is what a Results Thread would look like if HAYSIE wrote it.



  • MattBatesMattBates Member Posts: 4,065
    @Tikay10 He is maybe slightly younger! I was trying to goad him into posting!
  • Tikay10Tikay10 Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 121,286
    edited March 19
    MattBates said:

    @Tikay10 He is maybe slightly younger! I was trying to goad him into posting!


    Jeez, I must be the easily most whooshed bloke ever.

    Sadly, I doubt he still peruses the Forum, but I'll tag him & maybe he'll pop in one day. What a lovely bloke. (Him, not you, obv).



  • stokefcstokefc Member Posts: 6,335
    Tikay10 said:

    Orfordable Deep Stack

    Quick mention for Team Orfordable, ably marshalled as always by one of our unsung Forum crew @SidV79

    Stokey always seems to do well in this, perhaps aided by Friday night liquid refreshments.

    Unless he has reset his Sharky, the ever optimistic Asho28 celebrated his 3,000th MTT in 6th place.

    @bornablade 170000 1 £35.70

    @adelfc 0 2 £22.44

    @sharky9999 0 3 £15.30

    @-Typhoon- 0 4 £11.22

    @stokefc 0 5 £9.18

    @Asho28 0 6 £8.16

    My body has told me to stop so i've stopped at least heavy sessions , i might have a couple of can of beer a month and that's if i feel like it but yeah i've stopped , it wasn't like i was an alchy so it was easy
  • DonttelmumDonttelmum Member Posts: 1,921
    Behave Bates. Miss you Tikay.

    Might be back soon after this week at Chelt.

    Vegas Babyyyyyyyyy!
  • Tikay10Tikay10 Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 121,286

    Behave Bates. Miss you Tikay.

    Might be back soon after this week at Chelt.

    Vegas Babyyyyyyyyy!


    BOOM, & well done @MattBates for setting him up.

    Would LOVE you to be in Vegas with us again this year scruffbag, it's been too long.

    Hope all is well in DTM-ville.

    Here's the man on a clothes buying-spree.

  • DoooobsDoooobs Member Posts: 191
    Tikay10 said:

    £6,000 Big Weekend Bounty Hunter (£6,000)

    Very disappointing to see a chunky lump of overlay in this, especially as last week it made £7,400, & the previous week £6,500. Sure, this week is the nut worst week in the payday week cycle, but even so it was a poor show. Even Avenger Main only came in bang on the g'tee number, so not a great night. Lots of reasons for that, some of which you will know, others not so much. In the last month Sky Poker has had both it's busiest day in 12 months, & it's quietest day in 12 months. When I had a proper job, running companies for the late John Kirkland before I retired ("retired", ha, I sure made a mess of that), he did not like to see spikes in turnover or profit. "Give me a smooth graph every tome Tony, I don't like surprises". Hard to do that in Online Poker though, we are at the vagaries of so many things. Some are within the control of the business (software springs to mind...) some not so much. It will always be so. For sure, it's gonna be a testing Summer. Regulatory changes (the Gambling Review), increased emphasis on Responsible Gaming stuff, mandatory Deposit Limits on some or all demographs, Online Poker has plenty of challenges ahead, but opportunities too. Time to gird the loins, whatever that means.

    Anyway, after that waffle overload, it was dakky who was the main beneficiary of that overlay, so I guess he won't be mithering too much about the bad number. Remarkably, it was his eighth 4 figure cash in the last two years, the best of which was £2,900 during the Boomlet. Not too many can boast numbers that good.

    The FT was about what you'd expect in a £100-er, populated mostly by regular big-hitters.

    Doooobsy was runner-up. I don't know what plans he has for Vegas this year but he rarely misses (pre-COVID) & we've shared some wonderful times there, especially at O8 tables in both the WSOP & Downtown at places like Golden Nugget. Very very good O8 player. Be great if he qualified via Sky Poker for the SPT, but I would not be surprised if he showed up anyway. Hope so, anyway.

    @dakky 240000 1 £1332 + £585.75 Head Prizes 6

    @Doooobs 0 2 £792 + £292.54 Head Prizes 6

    @Jscorgie 0 3 £540 0

    @PokaBayb9 0 4 £396 + £157.62 Head Prizes 3

    @FlynTimber 0 5 £288 + £264.85 Head Prizes 6

    @podraic 0 6 £252 + £112.50 Head Prizes 2
    Cheers Tikay, think it was my best result in that in some time, seem to have been in the habit of going nuts and busting just before the money, tried to repeat the trick last night, but failed.

    I am likely going out to Vegas the week before the SPT there, as that is when the 1500 PLO8 is on. Sure we'll cross paths whilst out there. The 10K is on straight after which is more your level. Can't make Brighton this time, I think my first "big" poker tournanent was there in the other place. It was pretty baltic and windy at the time, and somehow I managed to bag myself the worst value hotel room ever, paid for 2 nights, and one was too long. It was over £100 a night in winter and should have been condemned. Given I can't remember much of that tournament I guess it didn't end well. Good times. Should make more effort to return next time, but stuff has got in the way recently.
  • Tikay10Tikay10 Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 121,286


    Hmm, $1,500 PLO8 you say.....
  • GlenelgGlenelg Member Posts: 5,904
    edited March 19
  • GlenelgGlenelg Member Posts: 5,904
    edited March 19
    Puntastic as per usual rank man & D ick Advocaat are proud..😂 suggestions for improvement...
    Invite Gill down every weekend? 😍
  • Tikay10Tikay10 Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 121,286


    Was quite pleased with the advocaat one. ;)
  • TheEdge949TheEdge949 Member Posts: 3,601
    Actually if Haysie wrote it, it would have references to the deceased who aren't, Brexit and a dozen news headlines
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