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'FunkinBadBeatz' Advent Calendar Special 💋

every single one,will be,is a remix / re edit
even if,those of you that have two lead laden left feet,I will have even the worst (non) dancers,getting jiggy on the dancefloor,with super polished slick moves,like Mr Callum Bailey ( who he) ? pretty special young fella as you will see,later.

Musical Vitamins,for your mind,body & soul
intellectual property rights
pj Dec 1st 2021

radio FAB for 25 days o:)

opening Gambit
Bakers Dozen for Tony (TK) Kendall 13 sweet sensual soul classics


Bill Withers, Grover Washington Jr. - Just The Two Of Us (LON Remix)
The Real Thing - You To Me Are Everything (Maxi Extended Rework 'Oh Baby' Suite Edit)
Maze - Joy and Pain (Maxi Extended Rework Sunshine & Rain Master Chic Mix) [1980 HQ]
Midnight Star - Curious (Dj ''S'' Remix)
Michael Wycoff - Looking Up To You (Extended Rework Seroussi Edit) [1982 HQ]
Dynasty - I've Just Begun To Love You (Extended Rework Elektrik Disko Edit) 1980
Lamont Dozier Why Can't We Be Lovers
Al Green - Let's Stay Together (Extended Dj Fudge Remix Edit) [1972 HQ]
Billy Griffin - Hold Me Tighter In The Rain (U.S remix)
The Isley Brothers - Between The Sheets (Lyrics mix)
Marvin Gaye - Sexual Healing (Kygo Remix) [Radio Edit]
Teddy Pendergrass - Close The Door (Jack Tennis Edit)

Bakers Dozen for Gpc (the Gee) 70
13 crackerjack remixed floor fillers
( Gpc was pretty slick with dancing bootz straped on,Clubs various, Sarf landan & Sarf 80s & 90s )

indeep last night a dj saved my life mixed with Slave Just A Touch Of Love o:)

one for every single Poker player,bar none,from the late great Miss Teena Marie
a special musical 'shout out' FAB FM style,for Matt Moulah~Benji Monies Bates



  • misterpjmisterpj Member Posts: 2,095
    as you know, ' math' pj weak (lol) pure Dozen plus One & we are baking

    Sharron Brown I Specialise In love ( tonking remix)

    Kool & The Gang Hi De Hi ( like you've never heard)

    The Gap Band anyone ? Oops Upside Your ( give it a shake ! Head)
  • Tikay10Tikay10 Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 109,613

    Thank you @misterpj
  • misterpjmisterpj Member Posts: 2,095
    Happy Christmas
    Every Single SkyPoker player
    Miss Teena Marie ( late,great) for YOU

    and, in FAB FM smashy & nicey stylee
    this one going 'out' for Moulah~Benji

  • MISTY4MEMISTY4ME Member Posts: 4,378
    Tikay10 said:

    Thank you @misterpj

    Surely a first ;):D

    Nice one Paul @misterpj ......will listen after the G-G's
  • misterpjmisterpj Member Posts: 2,095
    Up in Brixton,near where I used to reside ( Josephine Avenue) just down from HMP Brixton ! there is a current youth project,aimed at helping talented young people,stay /go on the straight & narrow.
    part of that,is Mr Callum Bailey ( who is the dancer in the video below)
    now Callum is 'blessed' natural talent,and in the video below,he is only in 2nd gear,he has done what you see,loads of different times,all around Brixton & London
    If,you want a heart heartening special moment, that does not need any Rhetoric,just forward the below,to 4.25 and watch from that,what the World should be like,unfortunately it aint
    (ps, that was unscripted,unplanned,happened pure Random)
  • misterpjmisterpj Member Posts: 2,095
    Barry White China Black Let The Music Play (Special Live Duet)
    Bernard Wright Who Do You Love (Extended Rework Joutro Mundo Edit)
    Frico Hold Tight (Remix 2016)
    Lisa Stanfield Change (Frankie Knuckles Remix)
    Amy Winehouse Tears Dry On Their Own (Al Usher Mix)
    George Benson Give Me The Night Master Chic Mix
    Donald Byrd Love Has Come Around X two
    (1) Larry Levan Remix
    (2) Xinobi Rework
    Kleeer Intimate Connection [Extended Remix]
    Change The Glow Of Love (Extended Rework Glowing Change Of Love Edit)
    Barry White You See The Trouble With Me (Extended Rework J. B. Jack Edit)

    the 3 tracks below

    Bonus Tune if you can access Soundcloud (which is free)
    Shalamar DISCOFIED REMIX only available at the above,know where else.
    (this Specific Mix)
    Shalamar This Is For The Lover In You ft. Howard Hewett

    FAB F.M

    'its requests & dedications time again Smashy,ok Nicey and what have we got'
    letter from a misterpj Smashy,surely not 'that' misterpj Nicey?
    now now Smashy,everyone deserves a final chance
    Its a Triple Play Double Dedication Smashy,for two mighty fine 'young fella me lads' who go by the names of;
    with all misterpjs lurve.
    Even a Twinkle in his eye,Nicey,in his MINCE PIES !

    Margie Joseph Big Strong Man (12" Electro Disco-Funk 1984)
    Village People YMCA (Earth, Wind & Fire vs Village People)
    Kano Can't Hold Back [1981 Virus Mix]

    rip Amy , hope you happy & content in a better place.
    Papparazzi perma camped outside her Camden flat back in the day.hmmm
    Rochdales Lisa,lived it large,still going strong,cant believe she is 55,crackerjack of a lass

    Mrs Merton interview

    Lisa Stansfield
    Nov 29
    I can’t wait to perform at Lytham Festival 2022 as part of a HUGE 10 day line-up. Join me on Wednesday 6th July with Simply Red! Tickets on sale 9am Friday 3rd December:
    Lisa Stansfield
  • misterpjmisterpj Member Posts: 2,095
    its a FAB F.M. 'T.G.I.' Friday situation
    as you know,right here on FAB F.M. we take a look back,at the last 7 days,requests & dedications

    Special Show Today
    for TK,Gpc70,Moulah~Benji,Goldon,MUMSIE,TimmyRaRa & hhyftrft~Dr and some wazzock called pj


    2.AYNA sensational female vocalist,listen more than once,especially the vocal range in the last minute,no AI dj,pure beautiful vocalist
    "I Like It" is a 1982 R&B/Soul song by American family band DeBarge.
    Released on August 20, 1982 by Motown Records (Gordy)
    It was the second single from their second studio album, All This Love.

    3.for TK Lou Rawls Back To You

    4.for TK Lou Rawls You'll Never Find Another love like Mine

    5. for hhyftrft~Dr (Hook) SEXY EYES Sensational Remix

    6. for TimmyRaRa The Ra Ra Rah Band Messages From The Stars

    7.For All..
    Take Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons add THEIR TRACK CantTake My Eyes Off You
    it was,always has been theirs,not GLORIA GAYNORS or LAURYN HILLS (soundtrack in the Movie Conspiracy Theory feat Mel Gibson & Julia Roberts)
    Go back,listen to those amazing vocals of AYNA 'think' Cant Take My Eyes Off You
    Now,imagine that voice,these words,over this special Remix ( Instrumental )
    deliberatly as it needs a classy female vocalist to do this remix justice.

    You're just too good to be true
    Can't take my eyes off you
    You'd be like heaven to touch (Heaven to touch)
    I wanna hold you so much (Hold you so much)
    At long last, love has arrived
    And I thank God I'm alive
    You're just too good to be true
    Can't take my eyes off you
    Pardon the way that I stare (The way that I stare)
    There's nothing else to compare
    The sight of you leaves me weak
    There are no words left to speak (Words left to speak)
    But if you feel like I feel
    Please, let me know that it's real
    You're just too good to be true
    Can't take my eyes off you
    I need you, baby, if it's quite alright
    I need you, baby, to warm the lonely nights
    I love you, baby, trust in me when I say, "Okay, it's okay"
    It's okay
    Oh, pretty baby, don't let me down I pray
    Oh, pretty baby, now that I found you, stay
    And let me love you, oh baby, let me love you, oh baby
    You're just too good to be true
    Can't take my eyes off you (Eyes off you)
    You'd be like heaven to touch
    I wanna hold you so much (Hold you so much)
    At long last, love has arrived
    And I thank God I'm alive
    You're just too good to be true
    Can't take my eyes off you
    I need you, baby and if it's quite alright
    I need you, baby, to warm the lonely nights
    I love you, baby, trust in me when I say, "It's okay"
    Oh, pretty baby, don't let me down I pray
    Oh, pretty baby, now that I found you, stay
    And let me love you, oh baby, let me love you, oh baby
    I need you, baby, and if it's quite alright
    I love you, baby, you warm the lonely nights
    I need you, baby, trust in me when I say, "It's okay"
    Oh, pretty baby, don't let me down I pray
    Oh, pretty baby, now that I found you, stay
    And let me love you, oh baby let me love you, oh baby

    8. tis a friday then,its MUMSIE so it must be KOOL AND THE GANG LADIES NIGHT
    ( like youve never heard it mixed !) Malaysian stylee

    9. 'GOLDON ALEXANDER' Showing You My Lurve

    10. had a meeting at FAB F.M. hq, we didnt do Moulah~Benji justice,so..... 'its a friday' Bottoms Up Matt (thats raise a glass,a cheeky drinky,in your honor Sir Moulah)
    actual real name as evidenced when you press play

    11. Gpc70...its a TGI FRIDAY Jamie Vardys avin a party !
    (Lukkis race REDHOT) watch,enjoy,no bet 2mozzy,
    though had my whotsits on YARDE ?

    12. for misterpj

    Saturdays teaser taster,all proper old School Funkin Tunes, like this

  • goldongoldon Member Posts: 5,999
    The Puppy done good ...... Woof

  • misterpjmisterpj Member Posts: 2,095
    time to go,right through the gears

    In view of it being a tad, snafu here, mittens, numb fingers, long time since rigging up broadcast link rigs on blinking medium wave, it's a Full BEANZ All In. Ten of the best in my flight case (record box) exclusively for the Big Boss Man (enjoy TK)

    1 - 10
    and,anyone else,that loves quality soul, funk & RnB,enjoy.

    1.Yvonne Elliman - If I can't have you (Ruud's Extended Mix)
    2.Tamiko Jones - Cant Live Without Your Love (Alkalino edit & remastered version)
    3.Instant Funk - I Got My Mind Made Up [The Reflex Revised Mix)
    4.Jackie Moore - This Time Baby (Extended Rework Pete's Freakin Edit)
    5.Phyllis Hyman – You Know How To Love Me (Hot Tracks Remix)
    6.Sister Sledge (Kathy Sledge) You Fooled Around & Fell In Love
    (Dave Lee fka Joey Negro Fooled Around With Mix)
    7.Collage - Winners And Losers (1985)
    8.New York Skyy Heres Too You Dr Packer (Multi Track Mix 2017)
    9.Jaki Graham - Round And Around (Maxi Extended Rework)
    10. Seb Scalski feat Jacob A
    I Need Your Love
    in 1982 a little band called Plush released the song 'Free & Easy' RCA records,wont play that,but,.........................
    here is what a little bit of remixing reediting can do....

    an extra special 'shout out' going to the returning ' theedge949'
    wishing you,and your loved ones,best possible Christmas 2021,and as happy healthy prosperous 2022,as can be.
    this makes me,recall yourself,and the Zen Bhudda !

    And,every word and what you will see,Verbatim ! paul j (for Mark)
    in the very early hours of December 9th 2007,a gentleman,thats a gentleman in the purest and true sense of the word,known to his friends as Dave Nails Payne,got to his feet,so did I,we briefly looked at each other,a wry smile and a headshake and a handshake.Wasnt meant to be was it Dave,best wishes and goodbye mate.its another Chapter never to be told,but I was headed to Australia
    Thats the very last time,I saw Dave,Flyod Mayweather Junior had just that moment beaten Ricky Hatton,both of us,had hoped,but deep down,we both thought Mayweather Junior would be just to good,Ricky went out with his heart on his shield,his son Matthew,now finding out,just what a tuff business,it is.
    Dave Payne and I,were neighbours,thats not neighbours down the road,thats my only neighbour,as where we lived in Playa Bastian (Las Coronas) there was no property above us,or in front of us,as that was stunning view over the sea towards Arrecife,and the only person on my left was Daves penthouse apartment,over looking a huge,his Boxing Club / Gym / Academy was seconds walk away,defacto,believe it or dont,I had zero choice but to train like an animal for 2 years ( which I did,and wanted too,and buzzed my whotsits off while doing it)
    none of that,means sweet fa,zero charlie big spuds,but the memories of the experience worth millions,its as simple as that.

    the following,screenshot,but more so this very short video (3minutes) might ? be inspiring for some,filmed on location in and around Playa Bastian / Costa Teguise / Lanzarote ( yes,it was filmed in 2010,yes I had long gone,but I knew/know the place like the back of my hand,having lived their for years)

    FAB F.M & ADVENT CALENDER dont open for business,Sundays !
    wishing you lot,a fabbo weekend.
    Boxing, Lydon v Anthony bookies say Pick Em, I make Yarde fav,and over priced,proper proper fight tonight,wish both the very best.
    on the Ponies,so badly want Lukki to be as good as they think,but its a red hot little race,all bang triers.

  • Tikay10Tikay10 Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 109,613

    No room for any Clapton, Beck or Knopfler?
  • Tikay10Tikay10 Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 109,613


    OMG, wrong Beck. I suspect you knew that.

    Here, have some of this.

  • misterpjmisterpj Member Posts: 2,095
    Well, wouldn't you just know it, FAB F.M. had a little local difficulty
    some sticky fingers oik(s) only had the transmitter away overnight
    Detective Inspector Bumble on the case though, 'they' dropped an ordinance survey map, leaving a large clue to the locale of perpetrators, 4-7 Luton, 9-2 each of two Eastbourne, Saffron Walden 🙄
    nothing stops FAB F.M.,going all Radio Caroline,well, a long boat on the Grand Union Canal,back to broadcasting medium wave only, authentic crackle feel, helps go under radar.
    In view of it being a tad, snafu here, mittens, numb fingers, long time since rigging up broadcast link rigs on blinking medium wave, it's a Full BEANZ All In, ten of the best in my flight case (record box)
    the Art of the reraise All In,power poker move deployed correctly
    the Power of the remix All In, Ubba Artful musically,deployed correctly
    (TechnoTronic Pimp Up The Jam) most know the tune,but most never heard it like this !

    1.Can You Handle It Sharon Redd
    2.Love Fever Gayle Adams
    3.Whatcha Gonna Do With My Lovin Inner City / Stephanie Mills
    4.Never Knew Love like This Before Stephanie Mills / Block & Crown
    5.S.O.S. Band Just Be Good To Me
    6.Oliver Cheatham Saturday Night / ( levitating Miss Lipa)
    7.Bee Gees Staying Alive / Help Me To Stay Alive Block & Crown
    8.MJ ! Rock With You / Thom Bold (simply way too good,for any club dj not to play)
    9.Ashford and Simpson It seems To Hang On
    10.Technotronic Pump Up The Jam
    this weeks quiz,what song is sampled in this version of Technotronics Pump Up The Jam?
    Answers on a postcard please to;
    FAB F.M Ashford & Simpson Competition The Fab Lady Longboat Grand Union Canal (general)
    11.some leaked Drone footage came FAB FM's way over the weekend,seems Jac (Travolta)35 & waller (snakehips)O2 are taking the Skypoker Christmas Dance Off (soccer a.m. style) very very seriously.They are certainly 'game' and very good,bit different but Callum Bailey tells me, ' we gotta up our game ' ! Jac & waller in choreography practice
    12.Unlimited Touch I Hear Music In The Street / Michelle Weeks I Hear Music In Thew Light
    for the 'boy' NOSTRI class lyrics Merry Christmas & wishing you a Prosperous 2022

    maybe a bakers dozen of pure Soul Diva floor filler bangers soon x
  • misterpjmisterpj Member Posts: 2,095
    everything,is click and play,just click twice !
    Cheryl (Lynn) Aretha (Franklin) Gwen (McRae) Patrice (Rushen) Rose (Royce) CeCe (Peniston)
    sorry Jocelyn, CeCe edges it
    Kathy (Sledge) Stephanie (Mills) Melba (Moore) Evelyn (Champagne King)
    Monica (Naranjo) seen live Espanol/Canaries,and of course;
    WHITNEY sure makes my eyes Misty.
    listed at 13,but goes at number 1 Jill Saward
    today's Extra Special Bakers Dozen is dedicated to Misty4me,just an inkling,the fella will enjoy proper music?
    Forum (there's a reason) let me introduce you all to;
    Shakatak lead vocals Jill Saward & dj (proper genuine bonafide superstar dj)
    Jeny Preston,its the music,not the monies which makes Jeny genuine special.

    Benji, gilt edged investment oppo for you, shake a, bit of dust out that Wad😉
    something like;
    seemlessly mixed & remixed
    JENY PRESTON & misterpj
    just cover the X's, which will be at vastly reduced m8s rates, plus, I can pull in a long standing favour, owed to me by Virgin Music, the fella at the very top, of the Virgin tree, no idea if he is currently cruising around with space aliens or lapping up Necker Island Sunshine, but, the favour owed is very real,about time cashed in! Royalties tends to be the spanner in the works releasing stuff like this, but;
    50% of the Nett Benji
    10% TK
    10% JENY
    10% me
    other 20% at your discretion/choice, forum comp giveaway /charity etc.
    if Benji declines, any of tuther Minted Forumites can have the same deal(Real) if not, watch this space, will try and get a done deal.
    13 Sultry Special Soul Power Vocal Ladies
    (a few sadly are RIP, gone, but never forgotten)
    the first is Shakatak Jill Saward lead vocals,first vocal break kicks in at 1.17

    throwing one in,for top fella geezer chappy,my man Gpc70,the ICONIC late 70s early 80s floorfilling Banger...when ? you last hear JINGO Candido played.....

    Finally,the last time I played this below,at Kents best kept secret,Roof elavated.
    As,its so **** good,if it was rerealesed tomorrow, Blitz the BillBoard 100
    (you tell em what that is TK)
    So,its for yet another TopFella 5 star tune for a 5 star chap who outta have 5 Michelin Starz,despite the fact he once shoved a Red Hot Summit;
    where Sun dont Shine
    cheque on Chef,cook,dance & enjoy......Will settle bet, May 2nd 2022.
    fat lady not singing yet😊 80 rated 10k green, Jan 1st going threw the gears
    £11 Sat's all the way💋
    George Duke
    George Duke – Reach Out
    Label: Epic – A-3267, Epic – EPCA 3267
    Vinyl, 7", 45 RPM, Single
    Country: Europe
    Released: 1983
    Genre: Electronic, Funk / Soul
    Style: Disco

    As I am not affiliated in any way shape or form,save for, unless the only place Parties ever be allowed again is No 10 Downing Street (hypocritical wazzoks & that shining beacon of all things pure and honest Mr Matthew Hancock)
    I might do a 2 hour approx 20 track mixing set here, again.
    Quality night out, in a quality Historic venue, safe as safe because a posse of rippling 949s do the door, Gpc70, might have been!
    Multi level floors, up and down, an Azz Kika of a huge covered outdoor beer garden, with outside bar, and three other separate bars.

    Huge undercover outdoor area to the left/behind where the last two pictures taken,George Vaults Rochester Kent.

  • misterpjmisterpj Member Posts: 2,095
    well ladies & gents,skypoker (more than fair enough) weilded Big Stick
    FAB F.M. & The Fab Lady Long Boat,'sunk without a trace'
    however, SkyPoker DANCE F.M (the new station) recruiting

    interview process,edge949 'escorts you' to Skypoker Dundgeons,which is actually the famous & historic haunted gig venue,Chislehurst Caves,cavenous,but ominous when empty.
    Anyways,its dark,its erie,its spooky,more so when 949 puts on headlock,and marches one towards the top table,where sit 3 shrouded figures.
    (running the dance floor smoke machine) so it adds to the atmosphere.
    right pj, you cocky little runt,booms through the gloom,smoke disperses,centre table TK,flanked by Big Matt Moulah Benji Bates & Neil~AGGRO~Channing
    'sunshine,you have got a maximum of 1 hour & a maximum of 13 tunes'
    last chance saloon kiddo,lets see what you have got ?

    Kinetic next level off the hook music,thats what me got,gents.


    Barry Biggs Love Come Down Remix (VDJ A.S)
    Idris Muhammad Could Heaven Ever Be Like This [The Reflex Revision]
    Atmosfear Dancing In Outer Space (François K Mix)
    Redbone Come And Get Your Love 1973 Disco Purrfection Version
    Alton McLain & Johnny Bristol Hang On In There Baby
    The Trammps Hold Back The Night (Ruud's Extended Edit)
    Johnny Bristol Love No Longer Has A Hold On Me (Dimitri From Paris)
    Eartha Kitt Where Is My Man (Extended Rework The Unknown Dj )
    Barry Manilow Mandy (New Version Rework)
    Leo Sayer Thunder In My Heart (Extended Funky Ganesh Retouch Edit) (1977)
    coming up,orgasmic vocals from Lisa Stansfield & Loleatta Holloway
    Kool & The Gang Too Hot (DJ Billy D Remix)
    Dan Hartman Keep the Fire Burnin (12” Version Rework)
    D-Train (80s funk band)
    Cool Million D-Train Stronger (OPOLOPO Remix)

    gentlemen,have I passed first audition ?
    dont do Brown Envelopes,but, SHISKIN wont see,which way this goes come Cheltenham,best NH in IRELAND,too boot,owned by a proper proper fella chappy,and your mate !
    And, 5-2 standout for the Champion Chase with Skybet, Maximum, the cover bet is a no brainer, 16s ew Billy's & Joe's Nube Negra, that's the Champion Chase sorted gentlemen.

  • gpc70gpc70 Member Posts: 1,968
    This is the longest page one in forum history.
  • MISTY4MEMISTY4ME Member Posts: 4,378
    edited December 2021
    gpc70 said:

    This is the longest page one in forum history.

    Some GREAT tunes tho' B):)

    .......except for Barry Manilow ! ........tho' the piccy of the model is pretty good ;)
  • misterpjmisterpj Member Posts: 2,095
    and then,it was pj in the well,with Benji & Aggro putting him 'right in it'
    thats a **** different variant of In The Well with TK.
    pj gone a bobbin for apples.
    anyways,as one a coughed & one a spluttered,
    blurt out, ok I'll cook dinner.
    A Wok
    approx 16 oz quality steak,cut into worms
    drizzle with olive oil & generous rock salt/black pepper/chilli flakes
    crack in 2 large quality eggs,corn feed free range
    (massage all into worm strips of steak)
    now put empty Wok on low heat add splash olive oil
    while Wok heats sprinkle very generously Corn Flour onto empty tray
    then,individually roll steak worms through cornflour,almost ready
    Now into your hot Wok,individually place your cornflour covered worms of steak
    get them all in,cover Wok with splashguard,and do...NOTHING
    3 minutes turn once,and leave,adding a sprinkling of sugar,chopped chillis and a generous drizzle,all over,of chilli sauce,add a finely chopped onion or chalotte.
    3 more minutes turn again,and leave,9 minutes turn off heat,turn & leave 1 min.
    Serve,your guests will think WOW what a chef.
    that,my friends is Sensation Crispy Fried Chilli Beef, gazzillion times better than your usual £9.99 take away nonsence ! trust pj, cooking that,saved hims Heiny.

    seen whats been found knocking around Parliment ?
    Enough for Sir Lindsay Hoyle,to get the sniffer dogs in
    wheres that Michael Gove been lately?
    Commons Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle to call in police over 'deeply concerning' claims of drug abuse in the Houses of Parliament
    The Speaker of the House of Commons is demanding a drugs crackdown amid growing evidence of cannabis and cocaine being used openly, Ain't They Special!

    this Set of 13 exceptional musicasms,for a missing fella
    very classy poker player at the tables,very very classy chappy in life
    Myna,you is badly missed son,hope you look in and return,been almost a year.

    Player Baby Come Back
    The Spinners I'll Be Around
    Tavares Never Had A love Like This Before
    Toast Its Just An Illusion
    Ryle (feat Seest) Never Gonna Let You Go
    Slave Just A Touch Of Love
    Aurra Such A Feeling
    Peoples Choice Di It Any Way You Wanna
    The Trammps Up On The Hill
    SugarHill Gang Rappers Delight
    Gary Bird & The GB Experience who Wears The Crown
    Aurra A Little Love
    Dianna Ross Old Piano

    MynaFrett, if I put my name to a 13 tune Set
    I aint lettin you down buddy,enjoy.

  • misterpjmisterpj Member Posts: 2,095
    Cheryl Lynn Georgy Porgy (Toto)
    Lamont Dozier You Outta Be In Pictures
    The Chi Lites Changing For You
    Rafeal Cameron Your All Thats Good To me
    Ray Parker Junior & Raydio A Women Needs Love
    Delegation In The Night
    Deodato Deep On Moving
    ELO Electric Light Orchestra Last Train To London
    Curtis Mayfield Move On Up
    Gladys Kight & The Pips Bourgie Bourgie

  • misterpjmisterpj Member Posts: 2,095
    Saturday December 11th 2021

    trying to give a few early Xmas pressies
    someone is very passionate about music from certain genres.
    wont bore you with that.
    when referencing remixes,the only remixes that interest me
    (there are legions,and a high % of appalling efforts)
    I only play,what I think the original writer(s) & artist(s) would doff thier caps too.
    Futher,when referencing 'sets' (no pun) of music,what I mean is a set seamlessly mixed.Which pretty much is centred around BPM (beats per minute)
    two ways to mix;
    (1) old school,I am durasic,my hero,r.i.p Froggy Steven Howlett.(JFM froggy Supermixes actually got released on vinyl !)
    So good,so ahead of his time,mixing authetic vinyl singles 7s & 12s & acatates (promos / white labels) on say, two decks technics sl1200 with slip mats and a no fancy dan mixer.
    (2) today, anyone, can be a mixing dj, just need monies for the best Ai software,and your seemlessly mixing.some djs,do it for show (if using Ai) no need for the continous twitching of nobs & buttons !
    as Bob Mortimer,what a top top fella that chap is,once said,its all done for ya,referencing doing his own dental work !!! Fuji 9,if you like to laugh (pj doos,enjoy this)

    1. the Music & the Artists should ( and are The Starz)
    2. the crowd,the dancefloor,( they are the Starz)
    3. dj, should be heard (obviously) but real music lovers dont need to be stage centre, left & right.
    I could rattle off,just how brilliant the London music,club & pirate radio scence was,back in 1980,pre & post.To say misterpj was at the epicentre,understatement.
    counts for jack diddly,but proud,to have helped build broadcast studios,and F.M. stereo broadcast rigs,and link rigs,and ariel rigs,and installed,and ran the gauntlett large,ongoing.
    Studios got raided on occasion,and much much more.
    'we' had multi studios,all over London,Catford,Penge,Peckham,Crystal Palace and many more,the main transmitters were,primarily,Crystal Palace (high ground,perfect to get the signal out) then,a very smart barrister,discovered in law,without a broadcast licence,how we could broadcast to London,on FM in stereo 24/7.
    The music scence 'took off'
    main players
    DBC (for real as real Dread Broadcasting Co Orperation out of Brixton)
    Invicta (Pop & Alternative)
    Horizon FM (main man Chris B)
    JFM (main man Brian A)
    LWR 92.5 FM Stereo (Londons Music Station)
    formerley London Weekend Radio ( ref Jonny Hawood )
    when we only broadcast fri night thru to Sun evening,and Zak & Fuzzy when we went 24/7
    We got really bold,and started doing live outside broadcasts from clubs,like Kisses in Peckham,and other top venues,thing is,my genre of music,was unrepresented,only really David Rodigan,Gregg Edwards & Robbie Vincent,got an hour or so each,on Capitol Radio etc,' we' did Azz kikn for,loads of Artists,got their music heard,I was passionate then,am now,always will be.(plenty details left out,to protect the innocent & guilty)

    today,tune 1 is not part of any set,its for TK,and all of you
    put a Glock to pjs mooey (sure some might want too !)
    And say,pick one,only one,Desert Island Disc,this is the one.
    Now it is a remix,just about the best one done,save for what I cannot put on here,my 'bootleg' meaning unoffical,but,hope one or two,really enjoy this
    its iconic,historic,and the best musical medicine for me !
    producer George Clinton

    I have promised, poker player MrBongo69 that I will do a top drawer set,dedicated to Bongo,promise its coming soon.

    But,a couple of things,I want to try,to put,Massive genuine smiles,on anyones faces,that have never seen these,below,'not music' a certain Mr John Lindo & Stephanie Batista, (dancing) I gaurentee SMILES,and surprise,John simply loves to dance,and he is no one trick pony,I could put up half a dozen more,like this,but you will enjoy this,and wait for the gear change,at 2 minutes,this is why........
    You Should Never Ever judge,any book,ever,by its apparent cover !
    and,enjoy the below, 1 2 3 4

    one more time,if you missed it,this is Callum Bailey,outta Brixton,and only in 2nd gear,watch entire recording,if you have a genuine heart,and want to smile.
    Bongo,might have to wait,until Monday,but,be top drawer,promise.

    finally,any punters,a gee gee for the future,its name Security Code
    look elsewhere,(punters bit of the forum) for exhaustive reasoning.
    giving misty,TK,gpc & aggro,first dibs !
    Finally,Merry Christmas & A Happy Healthy Prosperous 2022 (ALL)

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