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Sets Are Best - CraigSG1 Diary. UPDATE



  • bencbenc Member Posts: 1,054
    edited May 2022
    I don't think you should ever raise here if you're not getting it in to a jam if checking and wanting to play low variance on a connected board then just call, i would probably cbet get it in, i'm not an mtt player though so my thinking is probably a bit loose in this type of spot, as played i'm getting it in and hoping in a bounty a readless player will just get in aload of random heart draws and worse Ax not knowing what else to do and not wanting to fold, i don't think js,10s are just flatting pre, it is relevant that we block KQ and AA, A10, AJ so im comfortable ruling out alot of the nut hands and i'd be happy weighting their range more towards hands we are ahead of even if just slighty, AJ, A10, j10 are the most likely v hands we are losing to but we have outs and i think overall against the entire get in range here we will be doing fairly well.
  • CraigSG1CraigSG1 Member Posts: 1,804
    edited May 2022
    Hi @benc - like i said, ive had better results being more conservative with just one pair hands. And i wasnt bothered by a raise it was just how big and how quick it was.

    As for tonight - the £7BH went ok, got pretty deep and then had the unlucky aspect of running into AA to go out. Same for the £5BH - again played very well but just couldnt hold in good spots and then the table fish knocked me out with 97 flopping the nuts when i had top pr top kick with nothing much i could do.

    Again the £2BH was where it was at. Was patient as i watched a guy rack up four bounties and a huge stack in twenty minutes hitting everything but then i picked up some good pots and made a run for the FT which i achieved.

    Went into it 2/6 but lost that when i had AQ,KQs and AK in five minutes losing to hands like Q5 but i didnt let that get to me. I got the chip lead back but disaster when the short stack but still had 40k (and he was just a maniac too capable of going with any old hand!) to my 70k big 3b all in and four handed with 1010 i had to call only for him to have JJ! That left me short!

    I then had 108o sb v bb - i flop top 2 and we get it in on the flop. He has 109 and hits runner runner straight to knock me out in fourth!

    Again, so frustrating! I had a big lead with 20 left but from there i just had the most awful run. I never let it get to me but i could pick two hands that go my way i probable get to HU with a good chance at the win.

    *head in hands

    MAY BOUNTIES: 13 (6 MTTs)
  • CraigSG1CraigSG1 Member Posts: 1,804
    This is supposed to be rare but now this is the exact flop and run out of last nights chop when i again had a big pair all in only for this to happen. :(
    SixliftsSmall blind30.0030.00550.00
    KarverBig blind60.0090.001835.00
    Your hole cards
    • K
    • K
    • 4
    • 6
    • 7
    CraigSG1Unmatched bet1770.002600.001770.00
    • A
    • Q
    • K
    • K
    • 3
    • 5
    SixliftsWinStraight to the 7900.00900.00
    CraigSG1WinStraight to the 71700.003470.00
  • CraigSG1CraigSG1 Member Posts: 1,804
    Hi all,

    Im back after working five 12 hour shifts, managed to squeeze a session in tonight before my last two of my 7 day stretch. And it went well but as always could have been better.

    Im guessing im always going to say this unless i win every MTT i play that night!

    The session started well, i was cooking our tea and late reg the £2 and had a nice run of hands but got no action and just had to sit back and watch all the bad play that i couldnt get action on. The £5 started while i was eating and again had a nice start and should have had a head prize right out the gate first hand when i flopped a flush versus 2 pr only for the board to run out a higher flush for a chop! So frustrating!

    Those two MTTs went to the curb, the £2 BH i lost a race and then got well outdrawn to bust and in the £5 lost with QQ v AJ all in pre. I did manage some heads in the £5 though.

    I also entered the £7 and i think i may start playing this one a lot more - i forgot it was 7 minute blinds which means it plays quicker to shouldn't finish too late and im very comfortable playing short stack. I know when to be patient and when to put on the pressure.

    In fact this served me very well late on as i picked up a lot of chips before and around the bubble. It started slow but towards the end i managed a couple of heads and was very un lucky to not get at least two more.

    I finished FT bubble boy in 7th when of corse i run into AA with top pr on a 3 handed table against not only the guy 2nd in chips but the guy who was such a fish. Basically playing almost every hand and calling light. Bad timing.

    Still - i wasnt sure i was going to be able to play tonight so to grab a little profit on the night was cool. I not have two more shifts, not sure if i will play again in that time and then on Wednesday i turn 44! So who knows if i can play that night too.

    Until next time.

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  • CraigSG1CraigSG1 Member Posts: 1,804
    Good evening,

    Firstly, i would like to say ive had a great birthday. After 7 straight days of work i got to spend all day with my twins which was awesome. We went to an indoor play centre instead of a park because the weather turned but it ended up being fantastic. Kira who is normally the more reserved threw herself into the fun and it was honestly amazing to see her play. Normally Harlie is the brave no fear one!

    But when it came to bedtime Kira had a bit of a melt down, both had been tired quite early in the day so when bedtime arrived it seems she was very over tired and probably worried she wouldnt see me the next day. I do have to work but its a half ten start so i will get to see them both for a few hours and then after that i have four days off and a five day week with early starts but slightly earlier finishes so i will get to see them before bed.

    It all meant that it took a lot longer to sooth Kira (Harlie fell asleep within minutes!) and i wasnt sure if i would get to play tonight but i did manage to get her to sleep around half six so i late regged the £2 and just got in for the £5 and then the £7.

    Things started off ok but then went quickly down hill. I got a quickish double up but then ran bad in three spots to bust. Quite bad actually but hey ho.

    Things went slow to start in the £7 but i played well and managed a few heads and an almost cash - busting when running a nice squeeze spot with AQ into KK.

    The £5 was my best result of the night - again i played very well and although at times i didnt run so good i managed to hold in a few spots and win a crucial race to make a nice run to the FT.

    I came into in 6/6 and tried to do my best with the meagre hands i had and was quite pleased to make it to 3rd. For the THIRD time this evening i ran into AA - this time sb v bb against the table fish A8 v his AA. Its just how it goes - he also had a go a few times but i didnt rise to it because i know he was relying on luck a lot and to run into AA three handed is just hard luck.

    Considering how my luck went early i have to be happy with the nights results. Im consistently putting myself into good positions and thats all i can do. I will have times when i dont go on but i also will have times when i may bink a couple in quick succession.

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  • Tikay10Tikay10 Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 159,562


    That's a great update, enjoyed reading about Kira & Harlie. How old are they?
  • CraigSG1CraigSG1 Member Posts: 1,804
    edited May 2022
    Hi all,

    Thanks a lot @Tikay10 - they are both just over two now. We had a bit of a bad night last night actually, when Kira picked up to some sort of stomach bug and kept us all awake until, me especially, to around half three this morning.

    Its heartbreaking to be so helpless at times and all you can be is there for them. So far both have been ok on that front but its been a battle as they have been absolutely shattered. I just hope they can sleep through tonight.

    Onto tonights shenanigans, the £2BH didnt go well. Was a slow start then i chipped up some but ran into a couple of hands to bust.

    The £5BH was one of those to put in the very frustrating pile. I didnt get much but i played so well and then got a good run of cards to take some heads and a very good stack. Approaching the later stages is when things went very wrong. First i got AQ v KQ and lost to runner runner straight then few hands later same player i had AK v his KJ and hit a K only to lose to a turned J. Then again for a head and a triple up i had AK v 55 v 107s and i flopped a K and lost to another runner runner when 107s hit a flush.

    The MTT of the night was the £7BH - In this one i again played well and after a slow start and some bad run my luck turned. I got paid in a great spot with a set and from there things went my way. I won most when i was ahead and a couple of times when i wasnt, nothing like runner runner(!) but hands like KJ v A8.

    I managed to make a FT, coming in 3/6 and this is what we play for! The fun and excitement of laddering up and the possibility of a win.

    Things though did not start well, the table fish (GEZZA79) who came in chip leader (who lost it calling with a bad top pr for a huge pot) then outdrew my QQ with a rag K and that was for a good sized pot and a huge head prize.

    After that my stack dwindled, just no hands to move with save a couple of weak aces that i picked up blinds with. But i did manage to ladder two spots and at four handed i thought my journey may end but GEZZA continued his maniac ways and bluffed off his stack to make crm11 the huge chip leader and me to ladder again and leave only three.

    Two hands later we get AK on the button and shove, get called by 1010 and for our life we run the cards. I spike a K on the turn and that changes things! Into the break we go, with 160k v my 64k v 9k.

    We come back and the shortie goes all in and chops. I then just have to push with any and do so with J5o - he snaps A8 but a 5 on the flop and a safe run out see me HU!

    I definitely felt that i had a good chance despite the big chip deficit but in the end i couldnt dodge the bad run this time. We traded a few pots but after about ten minutes i had my chance to take the chip lead with A9s when i 3b shoved. He snapped off the call with J10s and it was pretty much over on a KJx board with two of his suit.

    Still, very happy with the result and it now confirms i will be playing this as a staple which is only good for me as it adds another string to my bow.

    Two nights with a 3rd and a 2nd and one before with a 7th. A win next please :wink:

    MAY BOUNTIES: 38 (15 MTTs)
  • CraigSG1CraigSG1 Member Posts: 1,804
    Hi gang,

    Erm, remember that last wish i put at the end of my last post, you know, just there ^^^

    Well, more on that in a moment.

    Tough day again with the girls, Kira is really struggling bless her and has had diarrhoea all day and towards the end was crying in agony which is just awful as a parent. Thankfully she got to sleep ok but as i was playing she did cry out a couple of times so far so lets hope she settles down and gets a good nights sleep.

    I'll be honest with you, as i try to be, i played some poor poker to start with. The £2 BH i quickly built up a good stack but frittered it away and i was doing the same in the £5 and £7 BHs. Calling too loose and generally playing weak with no meaning to my actions.

    But in a strange quirk ok poker for the times ive been playing well and things not going my way; in the beginning i did get a few things go my way while i was playing poorly.

    I lucked out early doors in the £5 to double up with my A8o v AK after i had fluctuated up and down until i got short. Then i took a head with a flip and that gave me an above average stack as we came out of that first hour.

    In the £7 i did the same before again, getting fortunate for a bounty and then going up and down. Having a decent stack at one point but this time getting unfortunate myself (nothing major) and then just dwindling down before i bust.

    So that left the £5 as my only table and after that first hour i did buckle up and became a lot more 'on it' - concentrating and thinking about what i was doing.

    The big hand came when i got it all in on the flop with KK against two medium stacks and i won the 3 way pot for two heads and a big stack and from there it went very well.

    I coasted into the money around mid table and once we got to 12 i opened up the other
    table to watch. I picked up a bounty and maneuvered myself to the last 7 and that went on for quite a while. I was at the 3 handed table with the chip leader while the short stacks where at the other but that went to my advantage because i chipped up and got 1 or 2 out of 7 before the FT bubble finally broke and we get there 2/6.

    And from six to two it was a dream!

    I knocked out number 6 and then a few hands later took 2 out at the same time when i flopped a flush and slow played it and was amazed when i had two all ins before me.

    Then against my nemisis darynn (i could have knocked him out three times before this and was the one i kept swapping the chip lead with) he bluffed into my top pr top kick and we got to HU with a HUGE chip advantage against the undoubtable @mumsie . We were both shocked that we went from 6 to 2 in 15 minutes max!

    HU was a battle! Yep, i went in 260k v 50+k but he hung in there and we held around that chip ratio for a while with him folding to my good hands and calling my bluffs! Hehe. I then payed him off a couple of times and tried a few moves that didnt work and he grabbed the chip lead before thankfully i got paid for a hand and i took the lead again.

    We tussled for a long time around even with me having the slight edge most of the time before a doozy of a hand.

    I raised Jd9d and he 3b Ac7c and i called. The flop comes Kh7d6d. He checks and i bet and he 3b my again and i of course just have to call. The turn is the 9c and he jams and with a pair and a FD heads up i feel i have to call. I didnt snap but with the dynamic we had been playing and the spots we had both had i called and was glad to find i was ahead. It bricked on the river and i felt amazing!

    3rd time this year for this MTT with a 2nd and some other FTs so im over the moon to be playing so well and having results.

    Hats off to you mumsie - i thoroughly enjoyed that battle, obviously more because i won but even if i had lost it was still fun! Im not an accomplished HU player by any means but you can tell about someones play in this form and you did great.

    Hope @Tikay10 doesnt take a day off and writes a who won what because i would love to see what he says!

    Night! :smiley:

    MAY BOUNTIES: 51 (18 MTTs)
  • mumsiemumsie Member Posts: 7,314
    Cheers @craigcu12 for the kind words and mention.

    It was a great match, thoroughly enjoyed it.

    You sum it up well.
  • CraigSG1CraigSG1 Member Posts: 1,804
    edited May 2022
    Hi once again peeps.

    Another update on the bug thats sweeping through - after coming down after the high of a good win i went upstairs to first find Kira in bed with mum so i was wondering what to do. I went to check on Harlie only to find she had been sick and had fallen back asleep in it! Did not here her on the monitor which was weird so then i had to change and shower her but she was fine in herself and happy even!

    So a night on the couch with Harlie it was and we had about four hours of interrupted sleep. And not only that but my partner came down with it and has spent all day in bed after a very bad morning so i was left to look after the girls and do a sunday shop. It went pretty well and so far they are still asleep so fingers crossed.

    Onto tonights action and once again in the £2 i had some good positions but didnt get going. I did start to when i doubled up with A7s v QJ towards the bubble and then against same loose player i jam his limp with A8 and he thinks and calls it off with K10 for 3/4 of his stack! Sigh.

    In all my success lately i have not run very well in this one but on reflection i would far rather my beats happen here than on the other two MTTs!

    And tonight in those i ran super well! I have to admit i hit some hands and got paid as well as a couple of big suck outs in important spots!

    As im still in the £5 as i write the 7 at 7 i got yet another 7th place - this time very unluckily. I ran super well to be fair and on the bubble i got my biggest stroke of luck sb v bb when he jammed and i called it off with AJs only for him to have AQ. It was rough to start because he had played lots of hands which is why i called. He flopped a Q but i hit runner runner flush for a chip lead pot.

    I was 2/7 but lost a few hands with good cards and then lost a race with AQs v JJ - hit an A but he had a set. I doubled up once but then busted with a way better hand. So be it.

    Things also went super well in the £5 - i hit plenty of sets and made good hands to make a very deep run. I had the chip lead for a while but right now we are 12 left and i have two very aggressive and loose players so anything could happen... (i cant go back to back surely!)

    Quick update - made the FT. Pretty evenly stacked and there are three very very hyper aggressive players on it. So im either out soon or HU!

    Perfect example - guy who 3b all in a lot just got called by A9o and that beat his 66 so we now have a dominant chip leader. They where 2/3 in chips!

    Mr dominant (bertslater) has now an even bigger stack - calling big bet all in with top pair and faded the draw. We are 3/4. Now 4/4 - these guys are just shoving. Need some luck.

    Didnt get it - lost AK v QQ (of course mr bertslater) and thats me done in forth.

    Right now have some disappointment - could have had another win or two easily but i have to be happy with a £95 nights profit.

    MAY BOUNTIES: 63 (21 MTTs)

    P.S. If there is one thing to come out of this competition its the fact that im now going to be playing the 7@7 BH and what a high value comp it is for me. At least so far.

    P.P.S - after a little worrying about how many heads i may take to be half way through the month and already have 63!!!!! is amazing to me. Hang on - heres the table...


  • Asho28Asho28 Member Posts: 766
    Some great results @CraigSG1 , very well played bud.

    P.S. can I change my bounty prediction? :lol:
  • FORDAKIDZFORDAKIDZ Member Posts: 171
    Great update and well played Craig, Me and Splashies chances are looking better every day :)
  • mumsiemumsie Member Posts: 7,314
    May needs to hurry up and finish.
  • CraigSG1CraigSG1 Member Posts: 1,804

    @Asho28 - Thanks and please refer to the t and c's :wink:

    @FORDAKIDZ - Much appreciated, always love to hear feedback of any kind. I'm personally hoping for @splashies to win by default because i have 200 head prizes or something!

    @mumsie - because the rest of my month is a lot of work days and it ends with a six day weekend, me too!

    Hi all,

    No sickness from the girls but a lot of sloppy nappies. Another day looking after them as my partner recoups and we had a fun day but they where so tired all day and went to bed early. Still dodging it myself somehow.

    Played four MTTs - a quick rundown of three of them.

    Freeroll: Busted after about five minutes - got KK all in pre v AK. Enough said :(

    £5 BH: Started well and eventually covered my BI with heads but towards the end lost a few close hands and then ran JJ into AA.

    £7 BH: One head in this, stayed in the mix but lost two flips.

    Tonights successful MTT was the £2BH. I played well and ran well to start, was chip leader for a while but all my run ran out just before the bubble. I kept losing small pots at first and then once in the money i kept getting out drawn.

    All in with A8 v a l/c Q10 to running straight. Then had AA versus the other big stack who called everything and lost a big pot having to fold on a all flush board on the turn.

    We then lost two straight races in a row before the killer hand 8 left - i had AQs and 1010 just jammed into me. I turned the Q but he rivered the set.

    I ran into EIGHT sets tonight, being ahead pre in four and a flip in three and dominated in one.

    I hope this sort of bad luck stops here and i can continue my good run of form.

    Night off tomorrow, Better Call Saul night!

    MAY BOUNTIES: 72 (24 MTTs)
  • CraigSG1CraigSG1 Member Posts: 1,804
    P.S. @Tikay10

    Thank you so much for your kind words and plugging my diary. It honestly means a lot.

    And im happy to have won a £5.50 token, how long until i can let you know when i can use it as im working a lot of days and im very early this week and then lates next. Thanks.
  • CraigSG1CraigSG1 Member Posts: 1,804
    Hey gang,

    Well, the only bit of run good so far is i seemed to have dodged the family bug. The three ladies of the house are a lot better and im now hopeful to have dodged the bullet.

    What im not dodging is bad play suck outs! Im not sure what everyone was on tonight but there was some very...strange play going on. Well, just pure gambling and a throw back to the 2009s!

    The £2 i picked up a bounty but had some amazing spots to get big stacks but just couldnt fade those A on the river or sets against the guy that called every hand. Busting out eventually to 62s(!) v my AQ.

    The £5 was not much better and i didnt last long, losing once again to a 3 outer river A.

    After all that i just didnt have it in me to play the £7 - bad mind set and of corse when your running bad you think its just going to follow you all night.

    MAY BOUNTIES: 73 (26 MTTs)

    P.S. Currently doing well in the FR - if this was a bounty hunter i would have taken 6 heads so far!
  • Tikay10Tikay10 Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 159,562
    CraigSG1 said:

    P.S. @Tikay10

    Thank you so much for your kind words and plugging my diary. It honestly means a lot.

    And im happy to have won a £5.50 token, how long until i can let you know when i can use it as im working a lot of days and im very early this week and then lates next. Thanks.


    As long as you want Craig, it has no expiry date.
  • CraigSG1CraigSG1 Member Posts: 1,804
    Thanks Tikay.

    Busted FR in 16th for £20 - lost A7 v Q7 and then A9 v 84!
  • CraigSG1CraigSG1 Member Posts: 1,804
    Hey ho,

    Nearly didnt play tonight as i was a bit tired with the very early starts but the mrs was watching tv so i fired up the mac and after about half an hour wish i hadnt bothered.

    The little bit of bad run that has followed me past couple of days continued. I lost to runner runner flush twice all in on the flop with a dominating hand and lost a few races or hands when the river got me and to cut a long story short busted the FR, £2 and £7 BHs with only one head to show for it.

    Right around all this i had a **** of a journey in the £5 (which i am currently in 2/12) and that is some story.

    I honestly cant remember having my stack fluctuate from hero to short so much and in some amazing fashions. At one point i will admit i was livid but i at least didnt let that lead my play and i stuck at it and im so glad i have!

    I had this one tussle with a particular player who just didnt fold and called down so light. He both doubled me up and took my chips time after time before thankfully after an hour i bust him and took his big head prize. Talking of head prizes i dont remember having as many as i do before the last two tables ever!

    I also lost in the exact same spot with the exact same hand in the exact same way sb v bb allin 1010 v my AQ and i again hit my card to then lose to a river 10! At the time i was chip leader and that would have given me a huge advantage.

    So far im now 4/11 so back to it....

    Sigh. Was 1/8 now 7/7 because mr all in every hand purrer01 just beat my A10s with KJ.

    Wow - now some luck for me - 85s sb v bb. 844 flop - get all in against terrytwomore and he has Q4o and i hit runner runner flush. 4/7.

    Wow - some more luck. A5s v short stack A7 - i hit 5 and now 1/6. See roller coaster or what!! Head prizes galore!!!! Deep breaths....

    Oh, and we now already have a winner in the bounties league - congratulations @splashies as i now have 90 bounties with 16 so far in this one!! I must admit i thought it would be a good competition but i have played well and more importantly run so well this month it is up there with my best ever run in the 17 years ive been playing.

    So - 1/4 and another head prize but i must say its not an enjoyable FT at all. The guys i have left are just limp, all in or fold guys. Hold the phone...

    My god what a CRAZZYYYYYYYY last two hands right now!!!!! Jeez, let me get my breath!!

    As i was typing that last sentence i got dealt AA in the bb and mr all in guy purrer01 on the button 3x it (not done that for a long time) so i min raise and he calls. Flop is Kh with two clubs - i jam (and he snaps with Q10 for a fd. The turn is a 10 and im holding my breath and thank god it bricked out on the river. I bust him and now big big chip leader.

    NEXT hand i have 99 and raise button, BOTH go all in and i call. Before i can properly glance at their hands i noticed ive flopped a set, one guy has 88 and he too has flopped a set(!!!!) and the other guy has AQ and i just cant believe ive won this MTT for the FOURTH time this year!

    Im so happy and i dont care i wont get a lot of sleep for work tomorrow - well, i may for the first few minutes in morning!!!

    CraigSG1 388000 1 £139.05 + £87.69 Head Prizes 20
    bigfatfish 0 2 £83.94 + £10.03 Head Prizes 3
    jamesbonn 0 3 £50.73 + £15.43 Head Prizes 6
    purrer01 0 4 £39.91 + £20.60 Head Prizes 5
    terrytwomore 0 5 £33.99 + £12.67 Head Prizes

    TWENTY heads, thats just mind boggling to me.

    Well, i best go and calm down so i can sleep tonight. And to think i wasnt going to play tonight... :blush:

    MAY BOUNTIES: 94 (29 MTTs)
  • Asho28Asho28 Member Posts: 766
    Yeah I think I was a bit out with my bounty prediction... :lol:

    Some heater you're on mate, well played.
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