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  • wemjaywemjay Member Posts: 83
    edited October 2009
    In Response to Re: BEWARE THE CHEATS:
    how do you know wemjay was gonna be put out regardless, another player may have bet ( KK , QQ etc) but then folded because of the chat,  if they had fewer chips and 2 players lost then they would have lost. To be honest its not skys fault however id be peed off if it happened to me and i think the player should be banned for 3 months- do it again then ban 4 life it is cheating. In response to webby i see your point but that should not matter , cheating is cheating and the time lapse should not matter only the facts
    Posted by loonytoons
    thankyou someone has seen my point
  • oynutteroynutter Member Posts: 4,772
    edited October 2009

    i totally agree with wemjay--anyone that announces thier hand in the chat box when there are still players to act is cheating---you are only allowed to lie about your holding---telling the truth is cheating--any player that uses the chat box to cheat should be chat banned for doing so

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