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Micro Masters League - Weekly Low Stakes Leaderboard



  • tomgooduntomgoodun Member Posts: 3,194
    Never mind the tables., hope @NOSTRI is ok.
  • Tikay10Tikay10 Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 92,070
    tomgoodun said:

    Never mind the tables., hope @NOSTRI is ok.

    That echoes what most of us think.

    Be assured he is fine, but extremely busy with real life stuff right now.
  • waller02waller02 Member Posts: 7,779
    Thanks @NOSTRI for all your efforts during the past few months :)
  • MAXALLYMAXALLY Member Posts: 14,596
    waller02 said:

    Thanks @NOSTRI for all your efforts during the past few months :)


    Good luck in your last year of your degree @NOSTRI
  • tomgooduntomgoodun Member Posts: 3,194
    Echo above sentiments, thanks @NOSTRI .

    So..... I win the mini , guarantees are slashed and the Mml halts, I better not take up @rspca12 coaching offer or the site may close 😉
  • DuesenbergDuesenberg Member Posts: 1,601
    Bravo @NOSTRI. You did an exceptionally fine job running the Lewjax Invitational these past few months :).
  • MynaFrettMynaFrett Member Posts: 697
    Thoroughly enjoyed being a part of this. Thanks for all your efforts and best of luck with those real world pursuits.
  • bbMikebbMike Member Posts: 3,010
    Nice one Nostri, it was a great initiative and gave a lot of small-ballers the chance to lock horns and get a bit of extra monetary and community value.

    Good luck with the studies.
  • Asho28Asho28 Member Posts: 167
    Only really first discovered this towards the end, but it's clearly been well received by everyone and given the smaller-stakes players a lot of fun.

    Thanks for running this, @NOSTRI , and good luck with your studies!
  • TVSpiceTVSpice Member Posts: 318
    Thanks @NOSTRI for all you and @waller02 did setting this up and running it so well. Thanks also @Tikay10 for supporting this with the weekly prizes. It was great fun during its heyday. Good luck with your studies and all the other balls that you are trying to keep in the air.
  • bettingbenbettingben Member Posts: 16
    Even though I was only part of this for a little while it was good fun. Thanks to all involved for running this and spending the time getting the prizes sorted.

    If this starts back up in the future and you need a hand with anything let me know and Ill be more than happy to help where I can.
  • jcrazar1jcrazar1 Member Posts: 43
    edited September 2020
    Was a success nostri and Waller02 an a great idea for Helping players improve.
    Players got better due to the mml.
    Good luck with the business and degree.
    Most best poker Internet forum idea number one🦈🙂🎣
  • Allan23Allan23 Member Posts: 703
    Thanks a lot for organising this Nozzer and @waller02. Hopefully get something similar going next ukops/mini ukops
  • bbMikebbMike Member Posts: 3,010
    oh yeah, @waller02 as well :D
  • NOSTRINOSTRI Member Posts: 978
    Allan23 said:

    Thanks a lot for organising this Nozzer and @waller02. Hopefully get something similar going next ukops/mini ukops

    Don't even worry about that.
  • stokefcstokefc Member Posts: 5,359
    thanks Nozzer and Ryan great idea ,well run ,and i won £8 when i cashed in my free mini entry . sad to see it go but thems the breaks , thanks to Sky for the prizes it was something to aim for weekly and it got me playing slightly more
  • DollieDollie Member Posts: 703
    Thanks guys, got me playing a different range of tournaments, which are more enjoyable.
  • lewjax79lewjax79 Member Posts: 7
    I'm not one for writing comments but felt i have too. Many thanks to @NOSTRI for the past daily banter and excellent write ups. @Tikay10 for his help registering me into numerous freebie mmt entries and his kind comments. Also thanks to all the other members i engaged with or donked. To be honest being the undisputed Champ was beginning to take its toll lol. So good luck to all you guys on the felt, no doubt ill see you on the FTs and good luck @NOSTRI with your exams and future ventures, we will still keep in touch no doubt with the discord boys and banter, peace out
  • coo1-umcoo1-um Member Posts: 1,171
    just when i was about to win. @NOSTRI you did a great job with this no doubt you will be back.

    Never one to miss an opportunity the plo8 league is still going strong.
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