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and the NEW no limit hold em skypoker

after a 2 month sabatical
horizontal 'pon' Heiny
ruptured rotator cuff(s) and bionic man business 'pon' knees and ankles
was nada else too do,than,finally, suck up Moulah Benjis jibes...............

went got me, the best UK no limit hold em coach, money could buy.
if Snooker practice, 147s for fun
if Boxing,every sparring partner, lights out
if Golf,out driving Bryson DeChambeau ( and straighter)
IN POKER practice, on fire.

so, lets get ready,too Poker Rumble


  • TheEdge949TheEdge949 Member Posts: 3,574
    Welcome back. I'll get the bad beat meter reset.
  • goldongoldon Member Posts: 6,592
    You leave my Hero alone he has History of being persistent.
  • misterpjmisterpj Member Posts: 2,533

    no limit hold em, tourney Poker

    sent results, first full week back,across to my coach, to review,unfortunately,all lowlights,zero highlight;
    save for,a contender Bad Beat of The Week (do I have too opt in?)
    whats that you ask? well, no mickey mouse mtts for me anymore
    GOLDRUSH, 30,000 chip pot, set KKK river 1 outed ! by a forum legend

    in chronoligical order, ps, coach has made me teflon coated,put ice in veins,week brimful of Riviera rinses.

    Sat May 22nd £150 gt midday £5.50
    hn 1616164080
    pj JJ 30,000 CHIP POT
    FOR THE LOT 87% equity rinsed on the Riviera

    Mon May 24th 19.30 £1000 GT BH
    hn 1616956736
    pj 22 call the air all in
    78% hand equity Riviera (ed) by 4% poke

    Mon May 24th 18.00 £200 GT BH
    hn 1616697643
    pj (sb) AK AA K kika
    75% hand equity Riviera (ed)

    Tue May 25th £5.50 BH
    hn 1616847647
    pj pocket 77 flop SET 777
    get it ALL IN 10,000 POT
    84% hand equity Riviera (ed)

    Tue May 25th £2000 gt GOLDRUSH
    Bad Beat of The Week Winner 30,000 chip pot
    hn 1617008997
    pj pocket KK flop set KKK
    98% hand equity Riviera (ed) by 1 out

    Wed May 26th £150 GT £5,50 BH
    hn 1617100325
    pj pocket KQ suited
    3 way all in, 10,000 pot
    70% hand equity Riviera (ed)

    Wed 26th May £300 GT £5.50 BH
    hn 1617151945
    pj pocket KK v 4 5
    81% hand equity Riviera (ed)

    Thur May 27th £5.50 timed
    hn 1617359879
    12,000 chip POT for the lot
    pj (bb) 10 9 flop top 2 10 10 9 9
    snap it ALL IN
    71% hand equity Riviera (ed)

    Fri May 28th £300 GT £5.50 BH
    hn 1617539603
    pj pocket 66 ALL IN ALL IN flop it 91% good
    9% all in hand equity INSTA SPIKE

    Sat 29 May £5.50 BH
    hn 1617769036
    pj (sb) pocket 22 small stack big stack
    all in called 64% good Riviera (ed)

    * all hand equity calculations,correct,an with 1 CARD ONLY to come

    87% equity rinsed on the Riviera 30,000 chip POT for the lot
    78% hand equity Riviera (ed) by 4% poke
    75% hand equity Riviera (ed)
    84% hand equity Riviera (ed)
    98% hand equity Riviera (ed) by 1 out 30,000 chip POT for the lot
    70% hand equity Riviera (ed) 10,000 POT for the lot
    81% hand equity Riviera (ed)
    71% hand equity Riviera (ed) 3 way 12,000 chip POT bh for the lot
    91% hand equity INSTA SPIKE
    64% hand equity Riviera (ed)

  • whitefluffwhitefluff Member Posts: 13
    I'll just leave this here......

  • waller02waller02 Member Posts: 8,506
    I bet @misterpj has many more hands like this where he has got lucky (after playing the hand terribly) Instead, he fails to mention those and just posts his bad beats, beats that every single one of us receive most sessions.

    You haven't changed then you dull man Zzzzzzzzzzzz
  • misterpjmisterpj Member Posts: 2,533
    Dear Mr Waller

    'dull' bravo, that's the first, only, and ever time, that's been levelled at me, in 55 years, banging compliment chap

    See matey, you, more than anyone, should know, how easy it is to take any random hand, without context, so, here is plenty, plenty context, for you to have, a rest good chew on.
    Least the boy nozzer, is pure class.

    well the thing is, Ryan, do you have a problem? with anyone sharing their actual real poker experience, like this.

    Sun May 30th £150 gt BH
    7 left, bubble, all in with KK, snap called by 8 J, here is how that went..

    Or, last Saturdays £5.50 midday, same scenario, or worse, 30,000 chip pot, 87% equity

    Or, maybe the Gold Rush, Wed night

    Or snapping it All In £5.50 BH with flopped set

    Or, in the £5.50 timed, for the lot, snapping in flopped top 2,for 12,000 and the Lot

    hope you got. Rennies,wouldnt want you getting indigestion 🥁
  • aynaricolaynaricol Member Posts: 291
    it's from a while ago, but i'd just like to drop this one in as well

  • misterpjmisterpj Member Posts: 2,533

    'its from a while ago'


    All those hands, are not from a while ago
    All last 7 days, get with the times...........
    maybe, I will drop in, another exact same 6 85% hand equity holding, getting River rinsed. In huge hands.

    Meanwhile, this chappy seems to have, the right idea.

    Very, very selective chap.
    In 2017,gave himself 2 outings, in 25p dyms
    In 2018,just the one outing in a freeroll
    In 2019, took a complete break to recharge the batteries
    In 2020, very active, three, Three freerolls
    2021,waited patiently, and really fancied the Friday 06.00 £5.50 bounty hunter, proceeded to run like pot ripper (lmao)

  • misterpjmisterpj Member Posts: 2,533
    Hers one, 'I will drop in'!

    Real Time

    A mere, 91% good, all in, all in, tis like Magic

  • misterpjmisterpj Member Posts: 2,533
    the narrative, like a scratched record was
    1. you can't play
    2. get a poker coach
    3. you don't understand Variance!
    4. Show Us The Evidence (delighted Too)

    1. not buying what your selling
    2. Glad now, with hindsight, having spent 10 full weeks horizontal, pon my Keyster, doing zero else but 10,12, 14 hour days,playing nothing but no limit hold em tourney poker with a respected coach
    because, only criticism tad too tight, and that's a back handed compliment I'll take all day long, twice of Sundees
    3.having sent across, every hand posted, my hands posted, with the context (not some eons old meaningless hand) Rofl, that all you got! Deflect derail deflect!!

    My poker coach says, zip diddly wrong with play, and, to respectfully remind the detractors,..
    Fundamentally based, always has been, always will be, on mathematical PROBABILITY, that's the Skill

    82% hand equity rivered all in with KK £300 gt BH (big stack triumph)
    82% hand equity, rivered, all in, getting a Raise called, and an All In called, by a 1 card inside St draw chasing specialist, in another £300 gt £5.50 bh
    91% hand equity, in yet another £300 gt £5.50 bh All In snapped by 9% poke, INSTANT rofl
    for no other reason, bit of pocket AK suited clubs, snap All In, major fit of the giggles

    3 Blind Mice
    See How They RUN🏃

    Windsor Davies, It Ain't Half Hot..🚒 'mother'

  • PKRParPKRPar Member Posts: 2,021
    Welcome back Paul. You have been missed.
  • waller02waller02 Member Posts: 8,506
    MattBates said:

    If someone is reviewing your hands and saying there is nothing wrong then get a new coach.

    Don't be so mean Moulah Benji
  • bbMikebbMike Member Posts: 3,367
    MattBates said:

    If someone is reviewing your hands and saying there is nothing wrong then get a new coach.

    Limping KK from 3.5bb is now advocated by the best coaches in the business. Open your eyes Matt don’t stay stuck in 2013.
  • raggy94raggy94 Member Posts: 119
    Keep getting in Jacks vs AK as a 9/1 favourite and it will turn around eventually.
  • misterpjmisterpj Member Posts: 2,533
    'cheers raggy'

    problem is, tis unrelenting.

    £5.50 bounty hunter, been running like a drain..

    misterpj in the big blind looks down at pocket...
    Ad Qs ( gets a tad tiresome relentlessly raising premiums and not connecting)
    however, when the flop comes Rainbow, and shows A Q 6 rainbow, what you gonna do

    520 turn bet,.. of course 'they ain't laying down' turn river, runner runner again.
    Naturally, 5c 7c gets there, was 7% equity on the flop.

    Ps, go back through every single hand, I have posted, in only this thread,.......
    Someone, once advised me! you gotta stop limping Paul,...............................
    Please point out, (as I am poker thick) one single limped hand?...................
  • gpc70gpc70 Member Posts: 1,997
    Don't like to point out the obvious one but the kk with just over 1k behind,i no you were probably trapping for a treble up but it seldom works.
    Good to see you back enjoying yourself btw Paul.
  • misterpjmisterpj Member Posts: 2,533
    All form an orderly queue
    Lets see, who steps up, and attempts, to ANALYSE THIS, you will struggle, to keep a straight face.

    he, can't play
    he needs a coach
    he, does not understand variance

    " Show Us The Evidence "............ more than, delighted too

    £150 gt £5.50 bounty hunter, again

    Poker Probability counts for zip, when new players about!



    then, Consider

  • gpc70gpc70 Member Posts: 1,997
    We not talking about limping 8s then.
  • dragon1964dragon1964 Member Posts: 2,582
    edited June 2021
    Is that another limp I see before me?

    You asked us to point them out.
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