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Busto again, to The Final Reckoning. The final challenge.



  • coo1-umcoo1-um Member Posts: 2,924
    Plan for the next 3 days

    £5 NFL bet
    3 x £3.30 micro to qtr attempts
    23 x £0.28 turbo.
    3 x £1 football bets (1/day)
    £2 free accumulator.
    + hopefully a couple more free bets

    This should take me to 100 weekly points and leave at least 4p in the coffers for next week.

    Bets placed so far.
    £2 free bet

    NFL bet (I was told someone knows someone who bets on this type of thing, probably better than my pin method)

  • green_beergreen_beer Member Posts: 1,707
    edited November 2023
    just dont shoot the messenger! he is on it too....

    i will get my guy to give us another bet for the free fiver if that one comes in ;P

  • MISTY4MEMISTY4ME Member Posts: 6,156
    edited November 2023
    I used my free £5 Bet last night on Christian McCaffrey to score two Touchdowns @ 2/1 in 49ers v Seattle Seahawks :)

    It was nice to be able to use the Free Bet before the match that earned me the Free Bet has even started ......Thank you SKYBET ;)
  • poppy765poppy765 Member Posts: 1,499
    Looking good, Goodluck coo1!
    Don't forget to use the Acca freeze thing for your 6 fold :)
  • coo1-umcoo1-um Member Posts: 2,924
    Todays £1

  • coo1-umcoo1-um Member Posts: 2,924
    SPT micro to qtr attempt 2. 1/7. Seat. But quarter cancelled.
    Could just add the cash but feel 3 all ins and a little profit works better for me.
  • MISTY4MEMISTY4ME Member Posts: 6,156
    edited November 2023
    SKYBET SUPER WEEK has started ......


    OPT IN

  • MISTY4MEMISTY4ME Member Posts: 6,156
    edited November 2023

    MISTY4ME said:

    Hi Col @coo1-um

    I don't know if you do American Footy Bets, but there's a PROMO on New York Jets @ Miami Dolphins game today (Black Friday) at 8pm (our time)
    Bet £5 on RequestaBet markets and you get a £5 Free Bet to use within 7 days on NFL Match.
    I've had £5 on 5+ Total Touchdowns @10/11 .....Dolphins are scoring for Fun this Season and should score at least 5 on their own :)

    Don't forget to OPT-IN first

    GOOD LUCK with your latest challenge mate ......and stop relying on The OWLS .....unless you're backing them to LOSE :s

    ..... We are SOOooooooooooo BAD :/:'(:'(
    I know a guy who bets on that stuff, he thinks...

    the safest, most likely request a bet is Raheem Mostert 1+ rushing touchdown, Miami Dolphins to win " at 5/4 ..

    ... that should let you double up on your £5 and get your free bet ....... let’s get fingers n toes crossed people!

    BOOOOoooooooooommmMMMMMMM !!!!!!

    HAPPY DAYS !!!


    .....AND MY 5+ TOUCHDOWNS BET is a WINNER too :)
  • green_beergreen_beer Member Posts: 1,707
    edited November 2023
    poppy765 said:

    Looking good, Goodluck coo1!
    Don't forget to use the Acca freeze thing for your 6 fold :)

    i used the freeze on the leeds game! you are a legend! like the beegees im staying alive haha
  • coo1-umcoo1-um Member Posts: 2,924
    edited November 2023
    Day 21. Sky bet. (£5.25 profit)
    Yesterdays free Acca went down, seemed no point in freezing this as Rotherham were not even in the game until they got a surprise equaliser.
    Build a bet 0/6 let’s move on quickly after that.
    My astute knowledge of American football brought in a 5/4 winner (thanks @green_beer) and left a free £5 bet in the account.
    £28p DYMs 5 wins from 6 (0.82)
    Attempt 2 SPT micro to Qrt, 1/7, quarter was cancelled as only 4 entrants registered. This surprised me as I would have thought that most of the players who registered the all in games would back themselves to win one of the 3 guaranteed seats to the semi on offer, maybe it’s a time thing. Entered the all ins with the Quarter entry monies 2nd in one of these but that means nothing. Won a little on the initial buy in though (£0.60)’

    Balance £31.05

    At least this ensures I will be going into next week with more than 4p in my account.
  • coo1-umcoo1-um Member Posts: 2,924
    Today totally uninspired with the sky boost bet.

    If I had x3 more in the account I may have risked the £10 but limited myself to a £1 bet today so I will decline.

    Don’t usually do the ITV 7 but to pad this thread out.

    If I’m doing the ITV 7 I may as well do super 6, right.

    If I’m doing Super 6 and not staking my £1 on Salah 1 SOT I have to back my predictions. What if they come in. (Don’t feel the same about the horses, although now I have said it….)( still a no)

    Also 4 x £0.06 trebles and £0.10 accumulator.

    Just realised why I don’t do the ITV 7.

    So poker. Yesterdays unexpected 3 all ins brought 6 unexpected poker points which in turn knocks 6 games of the DYM requirements and leaves 11 now required.
    Which leaves for the next 2 days
    11 x DYM
    2 x SPT micros to qtr
    £1 Sunday bet.

    Good luck all
  • coo1-umcoo1-um Member Posts: 2,924
    No more bets today. Was not. Now is. Couldn’t resist this half time offering.

  • MISTY4MEMISTY4ME Member Posts: 6,156
    Hi Co1

    Probably best to use your NFL free bet on Sunday or Monday 'coz it expires after 7 days.

    Philly EAGLES should crush Buffalo BILLS B):)
  • coo1-umcoo1-um Member Posts: 2,924
    Ok 1 more. Going ok this week.

  • coo1-umcoo1-um Member Posts: 2,924
    Day 22.
    £3 loss on sky bet.
    SPT micros 8/8 & 5/12 (-£6.60)
    8 wins from 11 DYMs (£0.92)

    Balance £22.37.

    With 100 points on the board tomorrow will be a day off.
    (Unless super week offers a free bet)
  • MISTY4MEMISTY4ME Member Posts: 6,156
    I don't know what odds for NFL are yet

    ..........but my TIP is Philly EAGLES to win on h'cap -3 and Jalen Hurts to score a TD

    GOOD LUCK :)
  • coo1-umcoo1-um Member Posts: 2,924
    What can I say it’s a free bet and I don’t need to go for a couple of quid.
    Everton should be up for this and man utd have an early kick off in Turkey on Wednesday.

    *note free bets like this often suggest a match, but you can use on any game.
  • coo1-umcoo1-um Member Posts: 2,924
    Go on then sky you got me. And probably Everton v Man Utd.
  • green_beergreen_beer Member Posts: 1,707
    edited November 2023

    my guy says its a risk, but worth a go with free bet......get thoses fingers and toes crossed again people, haha.

  • coo1-umcoo1-um Member Posts: 2,924
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