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Micro Masters League - Weekly Low Stakes Leaderboard



  • chappo100chappo100 Member Posts: 116
    Can I be involved please. Awesome work on putting this together. GL all gonna get that 50c tourney in my schedule
  • MynaFrettMynaFrett Member Posts: 722
    @Kahuna96 sorry about all that tanking towards the end there (it's the points jumps, not the pay jumps, they're massive! :D ) gl, hope you take it down.
  • Kahuna96Kahuna96 Member Posts: 31
    MynaFrett said:

    @Kahuna96 sorry about all that tanking towards the end there (it's the points jumps, not the pay jumps, they're massive! :D ) gl, hope you take it down.

    Wasn't bothering me mate, I said in chat I don't blame you. gg mate
  • misterpjmisterpj Member Posts: 2,759
    Dear Mr NOSTRI Dear Mr waller02

    ? would, it be an idea ( not wishing to increase, your already demanding workload) to ' pin' how the ticket winners went? and which tournies they played in, underneath the final league table, that they qualified from? in that week.

    I for one, and, am certain sure, the entire leagues protagonists, would be a rootin tootin, cheering on, any of our boys and girls, in their chosen tournaments.

    Or, maybe, if one of ' our' boys and gals, has a good, really good ' score' in a ticket winning entry tournament, 'we' keep an ongoing record, for posterity, for MicroMasters history.

    Private message, for Private Pike! but for, one very very unlucky hand, so close to being, two fts accomplished, ten to go!

    Good luck, all MicroMasters tonight, and all week.

    the former dj, the former MilkMan ( always delivers, plenty bottle)
  • Tikay10Tikay10 Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 123,899


    Tonight (Wednesday) @NOSTRI will be playing the 8pm Main Event as his prize for winning last week's MML.

    GL him.
  • NOSTRINOSTRI Member Posts: 1,433
    Communication Error. Sorry, we have not been able to load the roundup introduction, please close and attempt to re-launch your browser.

    £100 Rebuy
    9. misterpj (25 points)

    25 points and a £6.10 cash for @misterpj, who celebrated by buying a £25,000 pair of binoculars.

    £200 Bounty Hunter
    7. stokefc (35 points)
    9. JACKDAW (25 points)
    11. engy (15 points)

    @stokefc is back on form, getting 35 points on the board, followed by @JACKDAW and @engy, two of our most persistent scorers.

    £1,500 Bounty Hunter
    8. SidV79 (30 points)

    We've not seen much of @SidV79 in this league, so it's nice to give him some points for this one.

    £100 Nightly Micro
    12. bbMike (10 points)
    16. tomgoodun (1 points)
    17. SidV79 (1 points)

    £300 Deep Stack
    12. MynaFrett (10 points)

    £100 Deep Stack
    4. JACKDAW (60 points)
    13. engy (5 points)
    16. Allan23 (1 points)

    Final table action for @JACKDAW. @Allan23 was a proud member of zero points club last week and I expect he'll be glad not to be putting up a repeat performance.

    £1,000 Bounty Hunter
    7. mumsie (35 points)
    16. MAXALLY (1 points)
    21. Tsaaaar (1 points)
    22. MynaFrett (1 points)

    I often find myself rooting for @mumsie, who always helps lighten the mood in this thread. 35 points happily handed over for him.

    £4,000 Mini Gold Rush
    29. SJspanky1 (1 points)
    42. MARK277 (1 points)

    £1,000 Bounty Hunter
    1. Kahuna96 (100 points)
    12. LmfaoAllin (10 points)
    13. MynaFrett (5 points)

    Here he comes. Week one's big winner is at it again, booking a clean 100 points in this one.

    £300 Deep Stack
    6. misterpj (50 points)

    A final table for @misterpj to cap the night off. That will help pay off those binoculars.


    @Drudkh is unchallenged at the top for now. @Kahuna96 slots into second place but hes tied with the @JACKDAW. Plenty of other people off to a good start and it's nice to have some new faces in contention.

    A few new people are joining us this week too, bringing the total roster up to 54, or "almost 100." Best of luck to them.

  • Allan23Allan23 Member Posts: 779
  • misterpjmisterpj Member Posts: 2,759
    thank you NOSTRI

    I, want NOSTRI's, book, autograph, my picture with, and of course, Bourbon and Poker chat.

    See, the thing is, NOSTRI is another, wordsmith genius, that takes talent.

    On floor, crying with laughter, in, the full literal sense, having spurted, a full mouthful of, Macchiato Latte,all over the kitchen, as I read, about my celebratory, binocular, purchase. ( thought, that was private)! "pike" 👏sneaky sneaky feeling, we, same jenius sense of humour.

    Nozzer, no idea what happened, I knew, you were right in contention, BH?.. million percent, wishing for you, to take that, site started playing up, no idea, what happen, after that.

    Final thing, and I will, move myself along, I am genuinely, the biggest, self depricating, doush, everyday, out, in the big bad world, I like, to smile, laugh, make people laugh, out ' there' in everyday life, I am a zillion times worse, but, 99% of the time, I make people smile, and laugh, its free, defacto, when I read here, both, misterDJ, and 'the Chav, in third' I was rocking, tears of laughter. Okee dokee, been on hold, Barclays Bank, two and a half hours, that blinking music, same awful tune, Barclays owe pj monies, and, "he ain't happy"

    with the bank, ❤️❤️❤️ Skypoker, NOSTRI, waller02, bossman,
  • misterpjmisterpj Member Posts: 2,759
    Welcome madprof, good luck.
  • Kahuna96Kahuna96 Member Posts: 31
    GL in the main tonight @NOSTRI :)
  • mumsiemumsie Member Posts: 5,567
    Probably your greatest ever write-up ever.

    And GL tonight.

    I think maybe im drinking beer tonight so doubt ill be partaking .

    GL all.
  • DrudkhDrudkh Member Posts: 109
    Good luck tonight NOSTRI!
  • GlenelgGlenelg Member Posts: 5,958
    Another good luck @nostri . Could be quite a rail..😁
  • NOSTRINOSTRI Member Posts: 1,433
    If you rail me I will play badly and lose and it will be your fault.
  • GlenelgGlenelg Member Posts: 5,958
    NOSTRI said:

    If you rail me I will play badly and lose and it will be your fault.

    Ok will rail drudkh & the burger instead....😂
  • Tikay10Tikay10 Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 123,899

    NOSTRI is a bit thin on chips, but won't be going home empty handed whatever happens as he has £11.25 in head prizes in his pocket. Needs a 2xUp though.
  • NOSTRINOSTRI Member Posts: 1,433
    Won a big hand with AA then lost a big hand with AA. Don't think I've seen a playable hand apart from them.
  • NOSTRINOSTRI Member Posts: 1,433
    Got my double up. With AA again. Keep 'em coming, RNG gods.
  • NOSTRINOSTRI Member Posts: 1,433
    Tell them how I'm doing now @Tikay10.
  • DrudkhDrudkh Member Posts: 109
    Fired up your table and seen you on 12k chips, looked away for a second and you're on 28k with another bounty! good stuff keep it up
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