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Sets Are Best - CraigSG1 Diary. UPDATE



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    CraigSG1CraigSG1 Member Posts: 1,812
    SO, i really dont want this to be a diary full of bad beat stories and moans but im trying to get over the key hands of my night and how im feeling.

    Tonight was yet another "what can i do" kind of night.

    Played a sunday comp FR - got it in four way with top pr K and a K high FD - was against A8 same FD, 88 and Q10. I was pretty much hoping to dodge the FD but the 1 outer 8 came on the river.

    Yet again i got an amazing start in the £5 when my set of 99s doubled through with a set over set but then i ran my KK into AA! I then bust verus a serial limper with AQ v 77 despite having overs, gut shot and a FD!

    The £7 was an up and down affair too. Lost another good pot versus another guy who calls everything when my AQ hit top pr on Q42 and he had 42o. I did get my first bit of good luck for quite some time when sb v bb i had QJs v AQ and hit the J to take a head.
    That didnt last - had A9s on the button, shortie in bb called 43. Turns the straight versus my top pr.

    Things improved when sb v bb i got JJ in v AJ and this time avoided the suck out. Tweo hands later then lose with JJ v AQ in a 3b pot to mr agg even though i again got to the turn with a FD and a gutshot. I did get some outrageous luck in a small pot but it did give me a bounty. 53s v 88 - flopped a gutshot needing an 8 and an 8 came.

    But another SB v BB encounter dumped me out. AJs v AK - even though yet again i had a FD on the turn.

    In the £2 i went ok, lost about 5 attempts at bounties but one of them almost fully doubled me up but i lost out on the head. But i then got into a big hand against a guy playing every hand - and i mean, every - when i had KQ and flopped top pr Q with a Kh FD. He check, jammed and i called. He had AQ! Annoyingly the turn was a Q and a blank river. That would have been for the chip lead.

    Aces or Bust

    3 - 0
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    CraigSG1CraigSG1 Member Posts: 1,812
    Well, its official. I am definitely paying for the run i had earlier in the year.

    I can not fade important cards and i am losing to some very tough beats. I stone bubbled in fourth (top three win the seats) in the Sunday Major FR. Bust out with AK v 77. K on the flop, 7 on the turn.

    The £2 was going well, very well. Then for a massive pot for the chip lead deep i raised KK and went three way and checked a JJ2 flop, opp went all in and i call and he had QQ. Yep, river came a Q.

    £5 i yet again doubled up with AK v QQ only to again flop top two and lose a decent pot to a set. I then get AA, hit top set and lose to a rivered flush. I then run into KK and AK late on to bust.

    £7 Again, start off well. Pick up some heads but then get 1010 v K10 and lose. Get called badly by draws that hit and then make a flush that is counterfeited on the river, make top pr n str draw and get called down by 2nd pr that hits trips, get KK all in v 65 and lose and then to bust make top 2 and get called by an over card and a straight draw that hits.

    Just cant make it up at the moment. Once or twice a night hands happening 8/9 times a night for the last few weeks.

    Few nights off with some late shifts. See if that can settle my confidence which is rather low right now - cant stop seeing that bad beats. Its like im conjuring up the cards the villain needs to win.

    Aces or Bust

    4 - 1

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    CraigSG1CraigSG1 Member Posts: 1,812

    Back from a few tough work days, especially last night. Didnt finish until gone 1am then had a hectic day in the heat of a very hot day! Back to work tomorrow and not looking forward to it hitting 30 deg and stuck in a hot cab!

    So the night didnt start off too well, despite hitting top set with my first hand and then about ten minutes later i ran into a serial limpers AA with a high PP and then next hand i get AA - go all in to look like tilt, two guys call - one with J10 and the other AK. Looks good for a triple up but a JJx flop and a J turn bust my AA for the second time running!

    But, finally, i make a couple of deep runs in the £5 and £7 BH. As i type i am 3/5 on the FT of the £7 and 8/13 in the £5. Ive not had a lot of hands tbh and just got most by catching bluffs and holding with top pr.

    Deep on i haver had two lucky breaks for a change - in the £5 i pushed Q3s in th sb and beat 1010 for a good double and in the £7 i also bust 1010 with A6s in a similar situation. I was 14/17 or something just after the bubble broke. That got me back in it and a few steals has given me a stack to use.

    Lets get some more luck please..!

    Wow - on the £7 we have lost two more within couple of minutes - one KK v AA with both hitting sets so there is a big chip leader and me sharing 2nd.

    Wow again! Big chip leader had KK and faded a draw so we are now HU with a big disadvantage.

    Well, we got 2nd for £96 - losing a flip A10 v 99. He ran like god so im not too disappointed. Its all about how we get into these situations so to get 2nd im chuffed! Im sitting 4/10 in the £5 so here goes...

    Sigh, busted in 8th thanks to some very loose calls and not holding. As your watching the MTT leader go in every hand and win when hes called despite being dominated!! Thems the breaks. Take it and leave it i guess.

    Still, a nice return to form. Hope its the start of an upwards curve.

    Aces or Bust

    5 - 2

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    CraigSG1CraigSG1 Member Posts: 1,812
    Well - what a ridiculous night!

    Going really well in the £2 and £5BH's before deep in both i bust out. In the £5 ran QQ into KK v a loose player on a safe flop and then in the £2 im 3rd and have been among the chip lead for almost an hour before versus a guy calling all my raises i made trip As v his flopped str, i then lose AK v 55, KQ, 44 and then K7 v 66.

    Glad im not running the flip count because i had the grand total of 9 and won 1! And that was for a small pot.

    Not an up curve just yet then.

    Aces or Bust

    5 - 2
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    CraigSG1CraigSG1 Member Posts: 1,812
    More what if's tonight.

    Strong start in the £5 but again on the wrong end of the cards. Up and down in the £2 but both of these i lost big pots with PP v Ax and they only having the three outs only to hit the A.

    Then the gutting one of the night - again, doing really well in the £7. Getting deep and then against the same opponent i first lose 99 v A4 to knock him out. He hit the A. Then later again to knock him out i have JJ and he goes with A6 and yes, the A comes and then very next hand i get AK and he snaps my all in with 33 and i miss and bust!

    To get myself in so many good positions with the opponent drawing thin i am missing and my good draws are missing too which adds to it.

    Aces or Bust

    8 - 2

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    CraigSG1CraigSG1 Member Posts: 1,812
    Sound like a broken record here but yet again some good runs with some brutal beats to end it. If i win even half of these instead of the huge favourite i am in great position to take some MTTs down.

    Got in the money in the £2 with a big stack then got beat in a tight spot with a loose call but thats fine, then lost a race and then a 60/40 before getting coolered sb v bb against a very loose player who this time had AA when i had A9.

    The worst beats came one in the £7 when i hardly got anything but hung on before doubling up with AK v 66 then taking a few pots before i then got AK against 88 - hit the K but lost to runner runner flush.

    This happened again even worse when for a huge stack i had JJ, got limp jammed on by 66 and i flopped top set only again to lose to runner runner flush!

    I did get QQ very next hand and with my one BB quadded up when i flopped top set again and this time held.

    Well, after writing the above bit after i picked up a couple of pots before i got up to 11.5 BB when i won with A10s v KQ. I then got JJ and 88 through and then lost a little before being brave and bluffing to get back in it and then finally holding when i got 55 all in and won v AK for my first head. Not bad from one bb! I am now in the money as well 6/22.

    Well, final two tables now and just knocked out number 11 for my 2nd head - in bb with K6s - short stack UTG limped AK and i flop flush and he jams naked A fd and i hold and now 3/10.

    Well, well, well. I was just trying to update that i got to the FT 2/6 and then first hand have QQ and call short stack push with A10 for the lead and a head and then next hand we have another bust out so im 2/4 and all this from 1 bb!!! Im speechless.

    So, we now have a big chip lead 3 handed going into a break. What a comeback!!!

    Aces of bust

    10 - 2
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    CraigSG1CraigSG1 Member Posts: 1,812
    Here was the hand...
    CraigSG1Small blind150.00150.007910.00
    ForeSightBig blind300.00450.0011020.00
    Your hole cards
    • J
    • J
    CraigSG1Unmatched bet302.5016415.00302.50
    • J
    • J
    • 6
    • 6
    • J
    • 3
    • 4
    • K
    • 8
    tinytellahWinFlush to the King16415.0016415.00
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    CraigSG1CraigSG1 Member Posts: 1,812
    That left me with 1.001bb 1h40 mins into the tourney and now here i am. Can i win this???
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    CraigSG1CraigSG1 Member Posts: 1,812
    This is your answer....

    CraigSG1 400000 1 £134.30 + £49.17 Head Prizes 7 £14.15
    Shortyluke 0 2 £80.15 + £26.63 Head Prizes 6
    wynne1938 0 3 £47.80 + £11.43 Head Prizes 3
    tinytellah 0 4 £37.60 + £16.98 Head Prizes 7
    DEVILFI5H 0 5 £32 + £28.20 Head Prizes 10

    Over the moon! We kept patient and after shortie wynn kept raising into my sb i finally had something better than 9h and went with A9s and he had A5s and we won. That gave me a very big chip lead and i whittle it down. Got QJ v AQ and lost but a few hands later won a race with AJ v 99 to take it down!

    Honestly chuffed after that beat and the old adage was true - a chip and a chair!!!
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    Asho28Asho28 Member Posts: 778
    Great win @CraigSG1 , even better that you managed it after being down to 1bb. Well played mate, you certainly do well in that 6:30pm bounty hunter.
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    CraigSG1CraigSG1 Member Posts: 1,812
    Hi @Asho28 - thanks for your feedback, ws beginning to think i was talking to myself.

    Another night done, sweating buckets by just sitting and with two showers and a dip in the pool to no avail. No looking forward to trying to sleep tonight!

    Had a 3rd in the £2, topsy turvy affair. Got to the FT in decent shape but kept running into big hands! And missing out on some big pots when forced to fold but thats how it goes.

    Made a deep run in the FR - finishing 1 off £20 (got £10) when rivered by KQ for a good pot with my Ah).

    The other two had some big beats again but trying to stop moaning about them, its happening a lot so hopefully that means ill have a period where it will work out for me and ill go on another heater.

    Aces or Bust

    12 - 2
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    CraigSG1CraigSG1 Member Posts: 1,812
    edited July 2022
    Hi all,

    Hope everyone took care over last couple of days, i for one had a dreadful day yesterday. First only getting three hours of sleep with having to sleep downstairs on the floor while my two girls slept on the sofa as i was worried about them and it was slightly cooler downstairs and then had to put in a 12 hour shift that was plain awful.

    Got six hours this time doing the same thing and hopefully go better tonight.

    Two wins in a week (and running deep in the £5BH) at the moment. Was 2/16 now 8/14 after losing a flip then running JJ into a shortie KK but i have luckily doubled with A9 v QQ for 20bb).

    Was pretty steady for long periodsin the £2, I cant remember a ton because I was on two other MTTs but I do remember that towards the end I made a few good hands and went to the final table as chip leader with 3 heads and then went on to knock out everyone! I played very well, and I remember I was one of the top stacks when with about 20 people left I raised JJ and got decent 3b by a good player (Boomswitch) and my spider senses just tingled like crazy! I just called and got such a good low flop and checked to the raiser and he bet an amount that just screamed strength and I folded my overpair. He showed QQ.

    After knocking out the first guy at the FT I just grew in confidence with the type of play on hand and I just picked my spots and won my races this time and got to four handed with a big lead and then won a huge pot with a flopped set of 3s against A10 on a board that gave him trip 10s and that just gave me a huge lead and busting boomswitch in a race I then stayed patient HU - never really went behind and after a little tussle took it down!

    CraigSG1 136000 1 £24.60 + £17.55 Head Prizes 9

    Darn - in the £5 just lost a huge pot with top pr v a draw b v b against guy i sucked out on so guess we are even now, go into break 14/14 with 5bb. Hey, i did it from only one just this week!

    In the FR busted pretty early and in the £7 was doing pretty ok but got beat by a rag A v my 1010.

    In this one (£5) its been pretty up and down. Not much to start then i doubled up with AK v QJ and then yo yo before again doubling AK v KQ (same big stack loose player) and then i lost a chunk as above.

    Aces or Bust

    15 - 2

    Ill make an announcement soon on next weeks comp - i have couple of weeks off in that month so will be playing more so will try and make it a good one!

    £5 Updates:

    * Doubled - AJ v 66 and a flop J killed me but turned a 6!
    * No way - lucked out again. 77 in bb v button. Had 77 v 99 - flopped fh and now 6/13!
    * Lost big flip - AQs v 1010. now 11/11 - was for 2nd in chips.
    * Lost another big pot to get me back again against same player - AK v A7 - he hit runner runner straight!
    * Busted 10th - sb v bb - KQ v my KJ.
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    CraigSG1CraigSG1 Member Posts: 1,812

    So next month’s competition is going to take advantage of my larger than normal schedule as I have couple weeks off and a lot of my shifts are finishing in time to get home.

    I worked out I will be playing around 75 MTTs in August, maybe a bit more.

    Race for Cash

    Pretty simple. You need to guess how many times I cash and how many of those are FTs! £5 MTT token up for grabs in each category so possible to win both.

    Guess formal:

    For example you want to say I will cash 75 times and reach 0 FTs it would be:

    75 - 0

    Good luck all. Tomorrow I will be back to play a few MTTs and an update on this moths competition will follow.
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    Asho28Asho28 Member Posts: 778
    Good luck @CraigSG1

    I’ll guess 16 : 7
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    CraigSG1CraigSG1 Member Posts: 1,812

    Lets get this bit out the way - bit of a mare tonight. Four MTTs, didnt last more than 15 minutes at most in just one and even less in the others.

    £2 - busted 1010 v AKs
    £5 - busted 1010 v KK
    £7 - busted AQ v KK
    FR - busted AKs v JJ

    6 handed and running into the absolute top of peoples range in every MTT, happens. Seems to happen a lot when im looking forward to playing after an extended break, one more attempt tomorrow night then three late shifts.

    Dont forget to get your entries in for August's competition and heres how this months in standing...

    AA or Bust:


    So with two nights left the tally of 15 - 2 leaves a chop so far with @goldnballz and @mumsie for being dealt Aces (if this happens will come up with a tie breaker) and goldenbalz is holding onto the Bust part.

    PS - Seems i won a £5 token myself in the low stakes leaderboard despite only playing two nights. If possible can i cash that please @Tikay10 for tomorrow nights 6:30PM BH?
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    ToffeeandyToffeeandy Member Posts: 912
    CraigSG1 said:

    Erm, well. I've just had a huge string of river bad beats to bust three if my four games in about twenty minutes.

    I flop top two with KQs and lose to runner runner two pair v A7o (not sure why called flop). I then turn nut straight and lose to rivered better straight. I flop top two and lose to river flush. I make second nut flush (with a pair on flop) on river and lose to nut flush.

    I get 1010 all in on flop against A7 top pr 7 and it goes runner runner straight on board for chip lead pot!

    Finally - after many attempts the river worked for me for my first bounty when i was in BB and flopped pr n FD and button jammed flop with top 2.

    Got called by J8 - he makes quads obviously.

    Got 8th in the £2 - ran 66 into an agg players 77 on the button v my bb. *shrug*

    Getting battered a bit lately but staying strong.

    The end of Its a Flip and congrats to:

    @goldnballz for guessing the wins (43) actual 20
    @Toffeeandy for guessing the losses (31) actual 20

    Could @Tikay10 sort the guys out with the £5 tokens when possible.

    Tomorrow starts Aces or Bust and so far i think only three entries. I will extend the deadline to July 2nd midnight and not divulge any information on that front until then.

    Get your entries in folks!

    Hi @Tikay10 , don't think I've used this yet, as you were in Vegas when it was won; could I be entered into tonight's mini please? Many thanks, Toff
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    goldnballzgoldnballz Member Posts: 2,791
    I'm in the same boat^^^

    I'll play tomorrow night's mini if that's ok @Tikay10
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    goldnballzgoldnballz Member Posts: 2,791
    Good luck Craig.
    19 - 4 for the August comp
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    ToffeeandyToffeeandy Member Posts: 912
    I'll go 22-6 for the August comp as well.
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    CraigSG1CraigSG1 Member Posts: 1,812
    Hey guys,

    Start of the night went pretty bad tbh - and ill admit it was my doing for the most part. Yes i ran into some big hands and was getting rivered a lot but i didnt think at all about my actions and was getting frustrated which culminated in me losing KK v QJ and even though he got lucky it was a bad call on my part.

    But - i had a little break before the £7 came and i settled a little and after a slow start i picked up a nice pot and rode that for a while before getting lucky in one pot, unlucky in another and then i cant lie - from 4bb i went and won my first race of five from the night, beating AJ with A10 and two more times winning for bounties with a dominated A. Not done that in a long time and to do it four times in thirty minutes is amazing.

    Got to the FT with 7 heads and 4/6. Got that to 2/6 then lost QQ v AQ (against gut who would bust me) for big head and cement my 2nd. And it got worse from there, two good hands didnt hold and that left me very short. I did get a double but then next hand ran KQ into AQ and no miracles this time to bust 4th.

    So thats the end of July's competition and we have one winner - @goldnballz wins the busted part and ties for the dealt part. Best hands i had all night where KK and QQ and i lost them both lol!

    For the Dealt part the tie breaker is this:

    @goldnballz @mumsie

    How many times did i get dealt KK in the same period? As you won the 2nd part can goldnballz set the line and answer first please. Thanks.

    Good luck.

    August Comp - Race For Cash

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