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Mark Walks



  • rabdenirorabdeniro Member Posts: 2,683
    If you do it in 1 go or 2 I don't think it matters you don't want to kill yourself. there's 24 hrs in a day.
  • Tikay10Tikay10 Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 104,459

    Don't think it matters if you do the 10,000 steps in several different stages.
  • MAXALLYMAXALLY Member Posts: 15,169
    Agree with the others. You have to take care Mark. Steady as she goes mate.
  • GlenelgGlenelg Member Posts: 5,476
    I agree with all the above....nothing to stop you doing 3 or even 4 walks. You know your life schedule best. Whatever suits YOU.
    Looking at your times i'd have to say splitting the walks up will poss help in a number of ways...
    1. 3hrs+ is a long time on your feet..breaking it up lets you recover to some extent
    2. Try & vary your daily routes.. Boredom can become a factor....i always found it helped when i didn't run the same route every day. ( you wont meet the same yummy mummies tho so thats -ve)
    3. If spring weather is good, early morning & evening can have the wow factor....i went for a run yesterday evening on a beach near me and the first pic in this montage is roughly what i saw....

    Good luck
  • stokefcstokefc Member Posts: 5,669
    Stunning pictures Glen
  • rabdenirorabdeniro Member Posts: 2,683
    The sky outside about 5 o'clock last night was amazing.
  • rabdenirorabdeniro Member Posts: 2,683
    Day 3 10,097 steps, blister on ma heel, bummer.
  • goldongoldon Member Posts: 5,627
    edited March 3
    Come on .....get out there, only walking round the Dinning Table tucking into the nibbles is not the challenge. I expect you to sweat, bleed, break wind for the cause and my tenner. cough!
  • TheEdge949TheEdge949 Member Posts: 2,193
    Day 3 Various Locations.

    Firstly apologies for the late write up but I finished todays challenge just in time to see Stoke get blatantly cheated out of a point and it was a short while before the missus would let me near anything breakable, fragile or throwable.

    Ok today was always going to be a mish mash of opportunities due to "stuff". So today saw me pounding steps in places as diverse as an Aldi car park, 40 minutes, Hartshill / Penkhull Cemetry 50 minutes, and my local streets 60 minutes, as the time to get the 10,000 steps in the bank loomed closer.

    To be honest I just couldn't get up this morning and it was only when I realised that we needed to go shopping, visit the cemetry, take food to my Mums and collect prescriptions from several pharmacies did I eventually drag my sorry a55 out of bed.

    All in all though everything worked out fine as I banked the last 3000 steps between half time and the ultimate cheat.

    The aches and pains are still there although breaking the steps into shorter segments made the discomfort more manageable and will hopefully help the recovery process. Cardio is ok and a surprising side benefit is the sudden shock to the system has me craving, tuna, pilchards, rice, eggs, jacket spuds, chicken, baked beans, fruit and salad rather than the usual cr4p I eat.

    Also I suddenly have little desire for alcohol, which is really scary for a drinker who usually enjoys any reason to pour a large one, instead I'm taking in about 4 litres of water a day and the occasional diet soda.

    Is this change in craving etc normal do you think? Certainly if it helps lead to weight loss and a healthier me then long may it continue.

    Had a telecon this morning with my C R U K liason person who was just checking in, full of encouragement, can do and cheerfulness. I mumbled something about how I was enjoying the challenge and went back to sleep. Happy, cheery, go go go types should be strictly an afternoon thing.

    In conclusion a bit of a weird day but the final tally was

    Time 2h 38m 54s
    Distance 5.12miles
    Steps 10355
    Cals 1977

    All being well I should have a 4 hour window tomorrow afternoon so hoping to get some serious steps done.

    Have a great day


  • TheEdge949TheEdge949 Member Posts: 2,193
    rabdeniro said:

    Day 3 10,097 steps, blister on ma heel, bummer.

    Keep walking the walk Rab, you're doing brilliantly.
  • stokefcstokefc Member Posts: 5,669
    We was f**king robbed good style
    Kyle Noughts blatant dive i thought the ref was gonna blow for the dive then pointed to the spot..astonishing
  • pompeynicpompeynic Member Posts: 2,191
    edited March 4
    Well done Mark,
    The mental battle to get out of bed, off the sofa etc is huge, especially right at the beginning of any change. This can also occur later as “ boredom “ can set in, especially if pounding the same areas day after day. I am really pleased for you that you haven’t taken the easy way out.
    I don’t drink, thankfully for me, my nemesis has always been food, or sweet , fatty, junk food to be precise. I have to say that yes, tastes do change, not sure about after three days, but I have noticed that once I am weened off of processed food, You do notice a difference. Fruit, which was never a replacement for chocolate etc in my eyes, suddenly becomes so much sweeter and more enjoyable once you get off processed sugars. The added benefit of fibre intake going up also helps .
    The cravings for certain things are probably always going to be there, but, in my experience, very rarely does the enjoyment match the expectations if you do lapse and eat something “ bad”
    I could bang on about such things at length, but won’t hijack your thread with my theories.
    Well done
    Keep it up.
  • rabdenirorabdeniro Member Posts: 2,683
    Day 4 10,095 steps, thought this was supposed to get easier.
  • TheEdge949TheEdge949 Member Posts: 2,193
    rabdeniro said:

    Day 4 10,095 steps, thought this was supposed to get easier.

    Its all lies buddy.

  • TheEdge949TheEdge949 Member Posts: 2,193
    Day 4 Central Forest Park ST1

    Another day, another set of aches and pains to deal with and a walk with a difference as the tranquility of Westport Lake is replaced with the bustle of humanity, the yummy mummies with chavs, birdwatchers with skateboarders and silence with the sound of indecipherable tunes from two dozen or more phones.

    That's not to say it's unpleasant, just different and an open snack bar and toilets something currently unavailable at Westport, meant it was pretty much as good.

    Central Forest Park is not that large, built around a lake and 2 large hills that were formally spoil heaps it offers several tarmac paths and some lesser shale and grass ones. I opt for circuits of the lake and the skate plaza which introduces elements of ascent and decent, ok its only 10m here, 20m there, but it gives the legs and joints something else to think about.

    After the first circuit the figures indicate that somewhere in the region of 5 or 6 will be sufficient to make target and once more its a case of, walk, rest, repeat.

    Stopped for a coffee and a break of around 45 minutes, rested up, rehydrated with lots of water, chucked 2 Ibruprofen down my neck and then cracked on.

    Time excluding break 2hr 36m 41s
    Distance 5.2m
    Steps 10,563
    Cals 1858

    So 4 days in and it feels like it's not getting easier although I know it will as not only will the body get accustomed to the rigours of the challenge but hopefully, as I exercise daily and eat healthier, weight loss will mean that the task becomes easier.

    I believe in setting oneself targets and my main one is to manage the 10,000 steps in under 2 hours, something any reasonably capable person would manage with no problem and if I can manage that by the end of the challenge I think that would represent real progress.

    Back to Westport tomorrow as its near to where my son lives and his family are going to walk with me. Socially distanced of course.

    Whatever you do have a great day.

  • rabdenirorabdeniro Member Posts: 2,683
    Day 5 10,638 steps, started out walking with a Hoodie, Parka, gloves, scarf, and a woolly hat ended up with just a tee shirt.
  • TheEdge949TheEdge949 Member Posts: 2,193
    DAY 5 Westport Lake.

    Finally a day where there was no significant pain, yes there were some aches and a little discomfort but nowhere was there the overwhelming feeling that I might have to pack it in.

    In fact the only real problem I encountered today was I just couldn't get warm. Despite sweating like a Scouser at a benefits tribunal, the chill, its been about 4 degrees here all day, seemed to permeate everything. Even now I'm in front of the radiator resplendent in t shirt, hoodie and fleecy dressing gown, trying to thaw out.

    So all in all a better day.

    Time 2h 32m 41s
    Distance 5.09miles
    Steps 10,354
    Cals 2547

    Hope now that I can start to get consistency of time and pace.

    Have a great day

  • pompeynicpompeynic Member Posts: 2,191
    Great news Mark.
    No pain a really good sign that your body is adapting.
    I quite enjoy walking in the cold weather, always feels that my body works twice as hard to get warm. I do get really cold fingers though, have never found gloves that keep hands warm. Just have to keep the digits moving .
    Keep putting in the hard yacca.
  • rabdenirorabdeniro Member Posts: 2,683
    Day 6 10,002 steps, that was tough today, note to self, take loads more water with me when walking hungover.
  • QUICKFEETQUICKFEET Member Posts: 510
    Good to hear there is pain, Mark. Onwards and upwards!
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