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wanted. ARTESIAN Poker Coach, for a Poker Prodigy



  • MISTY4MEMISTY4ME Member Posts: 3,532
    MattBates said:

    misterpj said:

    So Tony, what you are saying is
    The above hand, appalling play on my part?
    Now, if we Squash it
    Once, for all, for all time
    Run, that exact hand, past Matt Bates
    I already know, Matts answer๐Ÿ˜
    Fantastic play, to get my Oppo, to shove the lot in,
    Plus, an obvious correct snap call
    Cough, 91%
    Best wishes, as ever Paul J

    You played the hand perfectly, ignore the haters. Please keep posting like you do, it serves a really useful purpose and never waste your time trying to change or improve your game.
    Whats that lump in your cheek @MattBates ...... Oh.... I'm glad it's your tongue! :D

    Looking forward to seeing you limping in for the very first time Matt
    ...... what with a swollen cheek and a poorly leg, you're obviously not well. I think you need to rest ...... for a Year or so please ;)
  • misterpjmisterpj Member Posts: 1,892
    Not going to bite, be as sarcastic as you wish
    Your good Matt, your a really really special, no limit hold em player

    But, you over looked, one obvious thing, can you guess?

    I will answer that, respectfully, but, can you, bat into the long grass, this
    Mr Phil Hellmuth, Verbatim, multiple repeated quote
    'all I want to do, is get my oppentents chips, all in the middle, and snap call them, as a massive mathematical favorite' That quote, is every where, and easy to find in a second, online.
    Before, anyone suggest, Phil Hellmuth, not all that
    Dolly Doyle Brunson, pick one player, to play for your tournament life
    Doyle chooses Phil, Daniel chooses Scott Siever
    Plus, add up, the Bracelets
    Therefore, by your sarcastic answer, you are actually, Not wanting, all your opponents chips in the middle, not wanting all your Own chips, in the middle, not wanting a 30k plus pot, having got your oppentent all in, on the turn, snapping it, with a 91% v 9% hand equity 'race'
    'all' that was, was trips, J kicker, don't tell me, you wouldn't give a moments thought, to;
    any two pocket DD
    any two pocket 67
    any pocket 88
    You might not?
    I do.
    Maybe, it's having been, based on play experience, this
    Ship it, on the flop, D on the turn to the flush chaser,hits and rinsed
    Ship it on the flop, 4 or 9 turn, to the up and down straight draw chaser hits and rinsed
    Ship it on the flop, into pocket 88,been there, plenty times
    You Matt, might be hitting, a turn 5,or a turn J, but, we don't, all run, like you buddy ๐Ÿ˜‰
    next, you will be telling me, the Forum, that you don't, ever make hand play decisions, based on player notes?, well maybe? You don't, I certainly do
    You don't need 'luck' so I won't wish you luck, but, all the best in 2021
  • misterpjmisterpj Member Posts: 1,892
    And Matt, when, promise it will happen, several times 2021,you and I, sat at the same table
    Please don't take, any offence
    I don't do chat, also, I use, 2/3rds of time bank, metronomic like, no timing tells, ever given ๐Ÿ˜
  • misterpjmisterpj Member Posts: 1,892
    Not played, a single hand of Poker, for 3 hours, since this.

    Somewhere, one, or some of the Poker Gods, got a bit of affection, for pj.
    Just bought into a mtt,
    When advised, don't limp? the opposite must mean, aggro? Ship it?

    See, what pj means!

  • misterpjmisterpj Member Posts: 1,892
  • stokefcstokefc Member Posts: 5,229
    you can also fold pre with junk in any position that will also save you chips
  • waller02waller02 Member Posts: 7,700
    32s utg is a trivial fold pre flop
  • gpc70gpc70 Member Posts: 1,455
    ship it's fine just don't ship it with sh it
  • goldongoldon Member Posts: 5,127
    Have you ever wondered why Matt tips the Dealer after a game....... cough!
  • chappo100chappo100 Member Posts: 116
    was going to suggest 1.5x potting flop is a bad idea with bottom 2 with the 23s but given villian shoved j high fd, you probs won the ev line nh.
  • misterpjmisterpj Member Posts: 1,892
    'pj' going to try, very hard, with a more equitable {balanced approach}
    suited, one gappers, very long term, equity strong hand, too play, well pj thinks so
    Mr Bates, might disagree?

    what? would you do, with this hand, in this situation
    dont forget, always far easier, with hindsight

    Do you think? would have been, more Poker Prudent? to not be so aggressive?! having flopped top two, in the big blind ๐Ÿค”

  • Tikay10Tikay10 Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 88,346

    I'm quite happily going broke here in both hands if that's how it turns out. Same applies to J-8 man & 3-3 man, nobody is folding in either of these coups. All standard stuff.
  • misterpjmisterpj Member Posts: 1,892
    Thank you Tony
    if nothing else, think you know, play every single day
    no drama, in the my Q 10 club club hand, neither of us were getting off our hands, as you can see

    Will keep, 'plodding away, lone furrow and all that'

    this one, just now, 2 1-2 hours deep, short stacked, bubble on horizon, hurt.

    Best wishes
  • misterpjmisterpj Member Posts: 1,892
    think? played this one, reasonably well?
    got all my chips, in the middle, on the turn, my shove snap called, with a card to come, and pj 82% v 18% to go top 3, as far as I am concerned, just unlucky?

  • GlenelgGlenelg Member Posts: 5,011
    i just see "Who loves ya baby"....
  • misterpjmisterpj Member Posts: 1,892
    see, thing is, this is a much more equitable 'pj'
    and with aspirations, to remain so, for the respected Boss Man

    now, that being said, Mr Bates and I, will remain and continue, to simply, agree to disagree.

    Never forget, you cannot make an Omlette without breaking Eggs, and an Omlette can be as bland and basic, as you wish, or as spicy and sensational as your Omlette making abilty.

    and pj likes tournament poker,blissfully simple as that.

    Further disagree, with Mr Bates, on his view, even though, that view is from the summit of Everest.
    pj, at base camp, with one trusted Special Trusted Poker Ghurka, and that, more than Fine and Dandy, in pj's world

    but don't duck showing factual stuff;
    here is pj's Sharky at the beginning of June
    here is pj's Sharky at the beginning of December
    Here is pj's Sharky last 6 weeks, to present, fell off a cliff!
    Six months, very steady Eddie slow progress, with exactly the same tournament poker game

    16 and a half months, left, to keep 'grinding' with a target of 80 next to my player name

    Any racing fans, take a glance in the betting forum, pj's horse to follow list, an interesting one due to run, Punchestown 13.20,tomorrow,outsider of 8,when posted, 11-1 when posted, and a very good Nicky Richards horse, at Ayr on Monday

    And for Poker players, looking to improve their game, the 'power of the reraise'

  • goldongoldon Member Posts: 5,127
    Mountain Rescue on the way keep wrapped up nice and warm....
  • misterpjmisterpj Member Posts: 1,892
    last night, it was pocket AA, flopped set, (82%) good

    groundhog day

    Super tough! being Equitable

  • misterpjmisterpj Member Posts: 1,892
    'my Diety' some of these sports media bandits, really are stealing a living.
    sorry, but won't ever, not have an opinion

    tend to, catch up on world news first, then sport
    Day 4, Sri Lanka England, the Sri Lankans, just might set England a target, which is quite a thing, after the first few hours, of day 1,don't you just miss, test match cricket, with a crowd.
    Lunch, day 4, Sri Lanka, 6 wickets left, 2 batsman set, 30no and 20no,need to knock off 42 runs, then every run after, sets a target. 2 quick wickets, and it's all over, but, if these two put on another 50,then it could get interesting.

    Maybe not now, wicket 07.15!

    Anyway, the Ice Cream man (TC) on the sports breakfast
    Cannot watch, the football he spouts an opinion about
    The 3 teams, in relegation danger according to TC
    he really said that, Inc, should Sheff U, beat Spurs today, they 'could go on a run'
    Surprised, TCs main pick, Brighton, (1) Graham Potter, done a superb job, (2) got a brilliant, owner chairman ( the Lizard) who rates Potter highly, (3) the Ice Cream Man simply cannot have watched Man City Brighton, the Seagulls played superb, should have got at least a point, and Brighton yesterday go away to Leeds, and pick up all 3 points.the Ice Cream Man is clueless, and renumerated very well!
    ps, anyone work for Mr TB? in the early days, Camden, StarLizard, now that, would be a blockbusting book!
    Newcastle, well the natives getting restless, maybe time for the Messiah? King Kev 25-1 skybet, to be next manager, forget that, but skybet stand out 3-1 Mr Bruce next prem manager to leave, is HUGE, based on what pj hears, still don't think Newcastle will get relegated.
    The Wolves dip, since Raul Jiminez horror injury, Wolves will be fine.

    Pj's 3
    Sheff U sorry, there gone
    West Brom sorry Big Sam, not this time
    Burnley sorry, that Neanderthal football, not even belong in the Vauxhall Conference, a league that no longer exists, and boy, does pj miss, The Johnstones Paint Trophy !

    Pj's 3 to come up
    (fingers crossed, we get 3 FOOTBALL teams, and its looking very likely)
    tipped Brentford, going very well, clever owners, brilliant manager, cracking new stadium, hope a football team, beginning with a B, who play liquid football, get promoted, and replace a team, beginning with a B who play Durrasiac football!
    Anyone remember, the Jeremy Goss wonder volley? Norwich City v (yes) Bayern Munich, 1993 Norwich City, went AWAY to Bayern Munich, and won, 2-1 with a Jeremy Goss goal of the season, just watched, several times, Norwich front line Chris Sutton Mark Robbins Raul Fox (how much skill, that boy have, be worth 50 million today)
    Swansea going very well, under Steve Cooper, if anyone knows the legend Lee Trundle, what a player, he could have been, Lee is just about over, the Bob Bradley nightmare!


    Today, should, Spurs beat Sheff U, City beat Palace and Liverpool do the business against Manure, Prem League table, gets mighty interesting, and that treble, City Spurs Liverpool pays exactly 13-5 Skybet, well worth a shilling or two.

    Smidgeon of value, in the finish top 4 market, Everton 8-1 (BV) & The Foxes, keep reminding me, this season, of the Claudio Ranieri miracle, 5 years ago this summer,Mr Rodgers boys, 11-4 for a top 4,and 38-1 if the miracle repeat on.

    according to, Billy big Boots misterbates _ misterpj brings nothing to the forum_

    Well, rest my case Benji ๐Ÿ‘
    misterpj the Mr Benn on Skypoker ๐Ÿ˜‡ misterEntertainment

    08.35 cricket, these two Sri Lankans, need to bat until tea, in 16 runs, every run will be a target set. 270 - 5 with not out 36 and not out 21, possibly, interesting few hours cricket

    England 421
    Sri Lanka 135 and 270
    16 runs behind, 5 wickets left, 2 batsmen, 36 no and 21 not out
    Please, post a target, and a day 5 ๐Ÿ™

    Keep an eye on Fire Attack, 11s been nibbled, into 7s,defo plotting summit, with it.
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