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Bad Beats & Dark Horses



  • Tikay10Tikay10 Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 157,207

    Ha, brutal.
  • mushroom1mushroom1 Member Posts: 645
    Hardly had time to play over the past few days. The decks were clear enough for a return to the fray tonight, however.

    Finished 12th in a £11 £500 BH (10 paid).

    Maybe I will have more luck in the Mini, where I have 35-bigs with around 150 left.

    While popping to the toilet I pray I don't miss Aces (as usual) - not the first time I've pray while looking down.

    I missed nothing and wait for my first post-relief hand.

    Hold tight, I'm all-in. Brace for impact...
    mushroom1Small blind50.0050.003445.00
    LePonchBig blind100.00150.001605.00
    Your hole cards
    • A
    • A
    swampy858Unmatched bet100.007390.00100.00
    • A
    • A
    • Q
    • Q
    • 6
    • 3
    • 5
    • 10
    • Q
    swampy858WinThree Queens7390.007490.00
  • mushroom1mushroom1 Member Posts: 645
    Can't stop now, onto the £11 £750 BH.

    Win 45 tournament chips on my first hand - kerrching!

    Second hand...
    MattBatesSmall blind20.0020.003325.00
    nishgBig blind40.0060.009430.00
    Your hole cards
    • 9
    • Q
    • 2
    • 6
    • Q
    • 8
    nishgUnmatched bet1275.004100.007430.00
    • Q
    • 8
    • 9
    • Q
    • 4
    nishgWinTwo Pairs, Queens and 8s4100.0011530.00
  • mushroom1mushroom1 Member Posts: 645
    After a couple of final tables in recent days, last night I won my first MTT for THREE MONTHS - which was around 250 tournaments.

    My Shark graph is no longer troughing.

    Troughing - have I coined another suitable word? It's been a long time since I was basking in the glory of "carddeadedness/carddeadery".
  • mushroom1mushroom1 Member Posts: 645
    NB It's was only a £11 £500 BH, with a total prize of £138, but it was most welcome.
  • mushroom1mushroom1 Member Posts: 645
    My card game is embarrassingly poor at the moment.

    The last time I played this badly, I didn't know the rules.

    If I was playing heads-up snap with Gareth Gates, I would make the Pop Idol runner-up 8/11 jolly.

    Totally gone at the game.

    As always, I cannot perform without motivation. When it comes to poker, if my back isn't against the wall, I'm laying flat on it - resting on it, and on my laurels.

  • mushroom1mushroom1 Member Posts: 645
    As a result of not playing regularly, this diary has, sadly, become redundant.

    In an effort to inject some life into this moribund thread, I have decided on a challenge (of sorts).

    Not any old challenge, I hasten to add, but one that is certain to fail and have little financial motivation.

    More a challenge of convenience, where I can easily dip in, and out, without effecting the goals.

    So, a meaningless challenge with little structure or responsibility. How apt.

    Heads-up streak challenge
    Starting at the lowest buy-in, I will move on to the next stake-level when successful in a heads-up SnG. If I lose, I have to start again.

    Based on what I believe to be my odds at specific levels, I have set par at 7 attempts for a streak of four (£1, £2, £3 and £5 wins) and a par of 18 for a streak of five wins.

    Must be NLHE, any structure.

    Watch this space....
  • mushroom1mushroom1 Member Posts: 645
    We're off and running.

    Attempt 1
    £1 (Speed)
    Managed to land this. Pretty uneventful contest. I hit some cards before holding on in a 66/33 coup at the death.

    On to £2 level.
  • mushroom1mushroom1 Member Posts: 645
    edited July 2021
    In the process of blowing a 5-to-1 chip lead in the £2 (Speed), I get it in with AQ against 99, with the coin landing in my favour.

    Just realised that £3 level only offers Hypers or Russian Roulettes?

    Given my (correct) opinion on The Deer Hunter being one of the most overrated films of all time, it can only select a Hyper.

    Sure, they are a bit of a leveler, and it's a no-brainer.

    I call "heads".
  • mushroom1mushroom1 Member Posts: 645
    Holding a 3-to-1 chip lead in the £3 (Hyper), I shove with K7.

    I am called my KJ but flop top-pair, which holds.

    It must be a double-headed coin.


    Onto £5 level.
  • mushroom1mushroom1 Member Posts: 645
    My luck runs out at £5 level. Was the wrong side of a 4-to-1 chip difference due to missing and playing poorly, before disconnecting for a few hands. Far from ideal.

    I never recovered.


    4 streak attempt 0/1
    5 streak attempt 0/1
  • mushroom1mushroom1 Member Posts: 645
    Attempt 2 was short.

    In a £1 (Turbo), it all goes in on the second or third hand.

    I hold AK, the antagonist has KK.

    After the hand I am left with only 40 tournament chips. A solitary stone in comparison to my opponent's chip-Wall of Jericho.

    I build up to 500 but, again, run into AK when holding a legitimate shoving hand.


    Attempt 3 was a rematch against the same player.

    Holding a 6-to-1 chip advantage, I get it in pre with a 60/40. I lose.

    The next all-in came when I held a 3-to-1 lead. Again, I have a 60%+ chance of success. I lose.

    I am back to a 6-to-1 chip leader when the following all-in crops up. This time, it's I who is the wrong side of a 60/40 coup. I lose.

    The fourth crucial all-in came post-flop. This time I hold a 2.5-to-one chip advantage, but, once again, I'm the one holding the 40% chance. I lose.

    The numbers are 1250/750, in my favour, when the all-in number five reared its ugly head; my Ace was no match for Mr Lucan's 88.

    Somehow, I still have 25% of the chips. I am dealt 77 in the hand that followed. I am handed a walk. Cosmic.

    My 600 chips left scorch marks on the felt upon my being dealt K3 immediately after, and I was happy to be called by T4. I lose.

    So, attempt 2 was short and painful, like ripping off a plaster. Attempt 3 was long and painful, like a toothache. An invincible toothache, immune to Ibuprofen and all-ins.

    4 streak attempt 0/3
    5 streak attempt 0/3

    Someone do the numbers on the above, I'm still scratching my head as to how I lost 5 all-ins in a Turbo, yet still held 25% of the money. :smiley:

  • Tikay10Tikay10 Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 157,207

    Welcome back mushroom, am enjoying your musings & the style in which you write them.
  • mushroom1mushroom1 Member Posts: 645
    edited July 2021
    Cheers, @Tikay10.

    Attempt 4 is on the way. I feel like I cannot lose; a winning steak means financial reward, a losing streak provides a yarn to spin - a priceless reward, if you will.
  • mushroom1mushroom1 Member Posts: 645
    edited July 2021
    Like the ever-ready spider, I sit in a web of £1 Speeds & Turbos, waiting for the unsuspecting fly.

    For the first time in history, the fly could eat the spider.
  • mushroom1mushroom1 Member Posts: 645
    edited July 2021
    Got action in a £1 Speed where, despite winning 6 of the first 7 hands, was 2nd in chips.

    Those 7 hands were a fair description of the battle, on the whole, with my opponent consistently playing the big hands well and maximising value.

    I eventually grind out the win.

    On to £2 stakes.

  • mushroom1mushroom1 Member Posts: 645
    edited July 2021
    Attempt 4 is over.

    With the patience of a toddler, I take the chance to join a player already sitting at £2 level. Sadly, it was a Turbo. My stack was decimated early and I was up against a player who a relentless bettor*.

    A troublesome coup.

    I am getting dangerous close to my "par 7" assessment.

    *I was outplayed.
  • mushroom1mushroom1 Member Posts: 645
    Word of my heads-up ineptitude is clearly not travelling, as I am forced to sit for an age before one of my £1 offers is taken.

    Finally, a Turbo option was selected by a player and, after an monumental to and fro, I win the 70/30 when there were just 13.33 big-blinds in play.

    Attempt 5 off to a flyer (walker), on to £2 level....

  • mushroom1mushroom1 Member Posts: 645
    Attempt 5 currently showing form-lines of 11.

    For non-punters; WW.

    Bring on the £3 coin-flip.

    I'll call once it's in the air.

    Probably stick with heads.
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